Thrilling Thursday

What are you reading this weekend? Also Napping. :)

TWO MINUTES You Won't Regret!

Kids Tell Us: "Why I Read"

Digital Citizenship

Remember there are four lessons and I can help you with the copyright one. K-1, it will be taken care of during one of your "regular" stories. Everyone else needs to talk to me! The week of bookfair (and the Friday before/Monday after) are out. I will be gone one week in October but hoping (she's already agreed, just need to get all the back end stuff cleared) a retired librarian from Stahl can be here. She could do it as well. Specific login and verification info (due to me on Oct. 28 so that Dr. G can meet her deadline by the 30th) is on the Google Classroom!

Electronic Resources

World Book is out of here and Encyclopedia Britannica is back! It looks a little different than the last time we saw it (2013-2014 ... but EB should be around for more than a year this time. It all comes down to $) and the changes are awesome. I would LOVE to visit with each grade level to show you how it could be used for differentiated non-fiction reading. K-2, it would help SO MUCH if you would use articles on class topics to model database use. National Geographic is also pretty amazing. And the new Google integration with Gale products is so cool I'm kind of geeking out--summarizing and notetaking for the 21st century. Oh, and again probably 4-5 ... who's using Newsela? Awesome!


Remember the E-book Explorers that are linked on the library resources page are great for finding unlimited use books. Right now the icons are ugly but I will get those fixed. The curriculum one is currently green with a white oval and leads you here and the topical one is green and tan and leads you here. You can also find ALL of the ebooks by searching the catalog just as you would for print books. They are listed together there. Some of the ebooks you can also find that way, however, are limited use (anywhere from 1 copy open at a time to 18 or 25 ... it will say).
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Coming Up

Book Requests (for the library to possibly purchase): forms are on the Google Classroom. They are due no later than Sept. 12!

Book fair will be the week of Sept. 21-25. Sign up for times for THAT will be posted in a couple weeks. Remember that we cannot do class checkout and a good portion of the time won't even be able to do individual checkouts. But we'll get as many books out before then as possible!

I will be out Oct. 19-23. Hoping to get a retired librarian that subs on other campuses approved so that things can keep going in here! She could do the copyright lesson or any other number of activities as she is awesome.

Literary Pumpkin Patch will be the LAST week in October.