Faulkner Law Student Newsletter

Special Edition: Fall 2015 Academic Achievement

Dean's Honor Roll

The Dean’s Honor Roll, also commonly known as the Dean’s List, is published to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement in the immediately preceding semester. Students enrolled for eight or more hours in that semester who achieved at least a 3.33 grade point average shall be placed on the Dean’s Honor Roll.

The following students are on the Dean's Honor Roll for the Fall 2015 semester.

David Joshua Amos

Christopher D. Baldwin

Charles J. Barber II

Claire Elizabeth Burns

Jamie G. Campbell

Kyle D. Clark

Serena Rene Cronier

Candace Marie Crook

Ryan James Duplechin

Justin D. Edwards

Paul W. Evans

James L. Farmer

Todd William Gee

Caleb M. Hindman

Quanisha S. Holloway

Preston C. Huggins

Nikki M. Hussey

Valynda Alexandrea Jerome-Williams

Jeffrey M. Johnston

Kristine Jones

Synetria Lachell Jones

Steven Michael Knapp

Glenn A. Langner II

Laura J. LeCroy

Katherine Hoyt LeNoir

Cole J. Leonberg

Shasta L. Lunsford

Mary Elizabeth Martorana

Madelyn Kay Mauldin

Robert A. McBride

Caitlin I. McCall

James A. Minter

William Ross Mitchell

Jessica Leah Parker

Matthew Ryan Parten

William Robertson Phillippi III

Blake A. Piel

Andrew David Poston

Charles D. Raney

Jordan E. Reeves

Stephanie Latrice Robinson

Caleb M. Rush

Lakia Tanae Scott

Jordan K. Self

Michael A. Shorey, Jr.

Elliott Gabriel Smith

Haley Bagents Steelman

Zachary P. Trader

Nichole R. Woodburn

Best Paper Awards

Professors selected the following "Best Paper Awards" for the Fall 2015 semester.

Administrative Law (DeBoer, M.): Claire Burns

Advanced Legal Analysis (Harrison): Laura LeCroy

Bankruptcy (Sawyer): Elliott Smith

Children's Rights (Taylor): Serena Cronier

Civil Procedure I (Campbell): Matthew Parten and Zachary Trader

Civil rights (Dees): Madelyn Mauldin

Constitutional Criminal Procedure (Otey): Jeffrey Johnston

Constitutional Criminal Procedure (DeBoer, M.): Blake Piel

Corporate Compliance (Rinehart): Laura LeCroy

Criminal Law (Otey): Caitlin McCall

Criminal Law (Yates): Zachary Trader

Dispute Resolution Processes (Morris): Nikki Hussey

Evidence (Lester): Christopher Baldwin

Evidence (Yates): Sandra Jackson

Family Law (McTear): Angela Morrison

Federal Income Tax (Reynolds): Madelyn Maudlin

First Amendment & Individual Rights (Hammond): Jessica Parker

First Amendment & Individual Rights (Olree): Paul Evans

Foundations of Law (MacLeod): Matthew Parten

Foundations of Law (McFarland): Jordan Self

Health Law (Hammond): Kimberly Hobbs

Intellectual Property (MacLeod): Charles Raney

Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation (Farned): Jamie Campbell

Jurisprudence (Reynolds): James Garrett

Land Planning (Smith): Jase Sayre

Law and Christian Theology (Olree): Todd Gee

Legal Reasoning, Writing & Research I (Voigt): Kristen Beavers and Matthew Parten

Legal Reasoning, Writing & Research I (Hamlett): Zachary Trader and Robert McBride

Legislation (Isbell): Mary Martorana

Pre-Trial Practice (Craft): Claire Burns

Remedies (Keele): Steven Knapp and Nikki Hussey

Secured Transactions (Dees): Andrew Scarborough

Torts (Garner and Montiel): Matthew Parten and Zachary Trader

Trial Advocacy for Competition (Lester): Joseph Taylor

Trial Competition (Lester): Orin Odom