The Diary of Anna Frank


Bio on Anna frank

Anna was 13 years old when they went in to hiding. She was born in Germany on June 12,1929. She has a mom,dad,and sister. Anna is free and out going and is willing to speak her mind. Her and her mother have some bumps but it's all ok. Later Anna died in the bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she died (probably of typhus) in February or March 1945, just weeks before the camp was liberated in April.

Must have courage

The theme, we must have courage no matter what the obstacles are that people throw at you is shown throughout the diary of Anne Frank. She showed courage when they went into hiding. "The Van Daans we never met them before" (372). It is courage because the franks have to live with the Van Daans that they never met.They showed courage when they got robbed."It is the green police" "No it was a thief" (407). Mr.frank showed courage by going down stairs and see what made the crash sound. Another way is when they went to the concentration camp Anne wasn't scared of the concentration camp not for one bit. "Anne was happy to be in the camp to get out of the closed up rooms"(434).The franks got split up and yet when she was all alone she wasn't scared.

Love can get stronger

The theme, love can get stronger is shown throughout the diary of Anne frank. At first when Anne meets Peter it is a little rough but then they start to have a connection."miss quack quack"(384). Peter calls her that because she talks a lot and that's what her teacher called her. Then it happened when she went to peters room every night."Your not going again tonight to see Peter"(419)?that night he kissed her on the head she was stuck in a daze saying good night to everyone.and at the end all the fighting was resolved." The way I treated mother"(428-429).The war has ended and every one was happy sometimes being stuck in a room a long time can be ruff.
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A pen represents that Anna loves to write. The first page of the diary, which Anne Frank receives for her thirteenth birthday on 12 June 1942. She wrote in it every day and took it every where. She would recorded anything and everything thing. In the end they published her dairy and made her famous.