Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High Weekly Info

August 30th, 2020

Eielson Families,

The first full week of school has been completed and we know the delivery method has shifted and students are connecting with their classes in positive ways. One success was shared by Science teacher Mrs. Lenz, about a student who was enrolled with her last year in a class who at times sat back or 'coasted' in class, this year with the daily meetings, independent work, instructional support available each day, (while in remote), the student is engaged, participating during online sessions, and to use her explanation "thriving". We know this delivery structure is different, may be difficult at times, and requires students to be self advocates. Connectivity varies and we will continue to find solutions for instruction. We do know that with the family support, communication between school and home, students can do hard things and succeed!

Grades, will start to appear soon, if you haven't seen them already, and will be entered in Powerschool. With a 9 week Semester it is very important that students engage each day. The mid-quarter point is September 16th with the Quarter/Semester "Quarmester" ending October 16th. Reminder that Blended Learning students will receive semester credit during each of their 4 Nine Week Semesters. In addition to the live time on Google Meets or Zoom, students should be spending around one hour per class per day (AP students may have additional work beyond that). This includes Wednesdays. Wednesdays are intended to work independently on assignments and to connect with teachers during office hours for support.

If you have specific questions about your classes, email your teachers directly.

If you are in need of books, supplies, Chromebooks, there is no need to pre-schedule a time, our office hours are between 7:30 and 3:30 weekdays. Our front entrance remains locked so please call 372-3110, ext. 0 = Front Office, ext. 1 = Administrative Secretary, or ext. 2 = Counseling Office. upon arrival.

Included in this update:

Information on attendance,

Activities and spectators,

Masks, and a

Grant Application for Military Connected Families


Bruce Bell Principal

Student Attendance During the Remote Instructional Setting

Attendance and Tracking Communication

We absolutely do want to know who is present, as in communicating and participating in classes, and who is not, but the Powerschool attendance feature is not where we are recording this while we are in a remote setting. The Alaska State DEED has determined that all students are considered present while in a remote setting.

"With that said, students will be required to be engaged and participate in their classes to not only achieve mastery of content but receive good grades. Teachers know when a student has disengaged from the learning process. When this happens, teachers will reach out to students and families to relay their concerns. If there is no response or engagement on the part of the student or guardian(s), teachers will reach out to their administrator to receive additional support(s)in checking on the welfare of the child. If there is no communication with the student or guardian(s) for more than 10 consecutive school days, the student is withdrawn from the school. Attempts to contact the students must be documented.

We know that not every student will be able to join the daily meetings. All teachers are keeping track of who is/isn't in communication or present during the virtual class times and will be doing reach out.

School Activities - Important Information Moving Forward

- For all indoor activities, COVID symptom screening will take place for all spectators and students before being allowed to enter the gym.

- For all activities, both indoor and outdoor, all spectators must wear masks covering nose and mouth at all times while at the activity.

- If you are not wearing a mask you will not be allowed to enter.

- If you do not wear or remove your mask while attending the activity you will be asked to leave the activity.

- If you have a medical condition that limits your ability to wear a mask you will need to provide documentation from your medical provider and submit that to Lori Schneider, FNSBSD nursing coordinator.

- While attending the activity, spectators must remain socially distant (6 feet) from people outside of their family groups.

- Spectator seating is limited. Priority seating will go to family members of the student participants. We are using a guest list system for seating. Coaches will be asking parents/athletes for names for the guest list. There will be deadlines for the guest list signup, so if you have a student participating in the activity, please be prompt in replying to the coach/sponsor.

* Our first football contest is scheduled for Sat. Sept. 5th, we have chosen to host our "home" event vs. Monroe to be held at North Pole High School to allow more opportunity for spectators to watch, as NPHS has a larger seating capacity.

Thank you and please contact Connie Browder Ben Eielson Activities Coordinator, or Opal McLaughlin Activities Secretary if you have any questions regarding the above information.

Importance of proper fit/selection of masks. From FNSBSD Nursing Coordinator

Grant Opportunity for Military Connected Families

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