Social Anxiety Disorder

Research On Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder Causes Fear!

Social anxiety disorder causes fear. The fear of being judged by others during a performance or even just a social situations. Because of the fear swimming inside, the people who have social anxiety disorder don't have many romantic or even social relationships. Because of this, this causes the people with social anxiety disorder to feel powerless, alone and even ashamed of themselves.

Signs Of Social Anxiety Disorder

Signs of having social anxiety disorder are...

  • Having trouble/hard time talking to others
  • Anxious around others
  • Be self-conscious in front of others and feel embarrass
  • Fear that others will judge them
  • Be worried about an event for days and weeks
  • Stay away from places full of a lot people
  • Have difficult time making and keeping friends
  • Blush, sweat or tremble around others
  • Feel sick to their stomach when around others