Deep Sea

By Tyson Burton

What is the deep sea?

The deep sea is the marvelous, mysterious depths of the ocean. Containing many mysteries we still know little about which is made up of the twilight and midnight zone but mainly the midnight zone. It reaches depths of 11,500 ft as far as we know of. Down there it is dark and cold with temperatures at 39 degrees. We know so little about how far the deep sea extends because of the pressure of about 16,000 lbs per square inch. So much that it would crush us.
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Going somewhere?

Venturing the deep sea won't be as easy as swimming on the shore. Rather you will need special necessities and some sort of submersible transportation. This will protect you from the pressure that the deep sea provides. You will need a source of oxygen, light, and things that you would normally need such as clothing and your goodies.
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Fish are friends, not food

Speaking of the deep sea, whats the most exciting is what lies in the cold, dark depths that we know so little about. In these depths of the ocean, mysterious creatures and fish are found here. It is home to such things like the sea spider, fang-tooth fish, vampire squid, and many more. These creatures aren't the best looking but its so dark down their that you couldn't really see them. Don't be frightened when you come across a weird looking creature because it won't be the first one you see down there.
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All about science

In the deep sea there is up-welling which pumps up algae and nutrients to the surface especially near Antarctica. Pathogens and parasites haunt the deep seas invading and over populating that causes harm to the animals that live there. Deep down there, there are manganese nodules that contain nickel, copper, and cobalt which we use for resources. Just because of its depths, doesn't mean it isn't affected by humans. Humans pump waste cause pollution, mine in areas, and take the resources. To protect this, we can establish deep sea MPA's, stop damaging fishing practicing and strengthening conservation policy for deep sea areas.