African- American Prog. Movement

By: George Rea & Cooper Grubb

What gave African Americans the right to vote?

The 15th amendment gave the African Americans the right to vote

What laws were passed to take away the rights?

  • Jim crow laws
  • Poll tax
  • Grandfather clause
  • Mississippi literacy test
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Ida B. Wells

  • Launched a crusade against lynching
  • Published book denouncing mob violence

Booker T. Washington (Tuskegee institute)

-Focused on economic goals rather than political ones

-speech- Atlanta Compromise

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WEB Dubois and the Niagara movement and the NAACP

Leader of new african american activist

1903- The Souls of Black Folk

Main concern was about voting rights

(opposite of Booker T.)

NAACP-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Plessey VS. Ferguson

1892- Plessey challenged a Louisiana law that forced blacks to ride in a separate R&R cart from whites.

He was arrested for riding in a whites only cart.

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