Little Red Riding Hood With a Twist

by trent

Once upon a time there was a little, young girl, who was very pretty, and her name was Charlotte but her friends called her Little Red Riding Hood. She and her mum lived in the woods.

One day her mum asked her if she could go down to grandma to keep her company. But Charlotte replied, “But it’s scary in the woods.” After mum replied, ”Don’t talk back.” So Charlotte went through the woods but what she didn’t know was that who went through the woods never came back.

When she got about halfway a wolf with brown fur and a shiny wet nose pulled her into a magical portal to wonderland. With screams she went down to wonderland.
At first it looked very dull. Then she spread some bushes and there was a giant flying elephant and much more mythical creatures. The fist person that talked to her was a rabbit- donkey-man. He said, “So the wolf caught you to. He’s trapping people.” He also said, “You’ve only got 24 hours to get out here and the only way is to summon and kill the mighty dragon.”
After he showed his family and friends to her. Charlotte thought to herself why am I with these crazy lunatics? One with one leg and another with one three heads. When they were eating Charlotte asked, “How do you summon this dragon?” And they replied, “You need to get the eye of monster.” Charlotte replied after that, “so where is the monster?" “On the other side of the land highest mountain”, said the man. You will also need the sword of alexander to kill the monster and the dragon.

So Charlotte went to the other side of the land. When she found the sword her new friend tried to pull it out but it wouldn’t budge. Only one person can pull it and Charlotte was the one. So she had a go at it and she got it first go after she said to the highest mountain. When she was at the highest mountain she saw monster and killed him. Then he showed the monster eye to the sky then the mighty dragon appeared. When she was in her fight she was very tired so she flanged her sword up in the air and stabbed the dragon in the heart. Then a magical portal opened and she got back to her world.