The Tyranny

What is it, how would it occurs?

What exacly is Tyranny ?

Tyranny is a form of goverment in wich a cruel and evil,unreasonable governeur takes over there country or state and controles the country or state of its own

How is this related to our Counstitution?

In September 17 1787, in Phyladelphia, our Constitution was created. It was created so that no Tyranny or other form of gioverment other thn democracy would be adapted. Previoulsly they went in war with England becuse of the goverment, wich was a Tyranny, their king was too powerful and wasnt helping lot in America, et was rude and cruel, they decided to become one country with a democatic goverement and not a king or Tyranny.

Some of our president

Our Worries

What were they worried about when wrote the constitution?

They were worried about:

  • that the counstitution would too strong or too weak
  • they were scated too create tyranny
  • include the word slave

Right Now

Right Now, there is not a lot of tyranny buta lot of democracy. Wich is relly good, but there is still some slaves. The constitution maintained us to survive in peace, bu some still sufur.

Thank you, carla