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In My Life

Relationships in my life

There's lots of people in my life that causes conflict or cooperation in our relationships, For example:

  • Me and my twin brother fight constantly. There isn't one thing that comes between us that doesn't go down without an argument. We fight over who gets the last PopTart, or who makes the choice of which restaurant we'll go to for dinner. We fight over everything and anything. But we don't always fight. Sometimes I will need help on a homework assignment that his teacher had given him to complete the day before. Being the same age we are taking the same classes and can help each other understand topics. Being the same age can also help us to make friends; he's super popular, on the football team and all that stuff, so he will introduce me to people-that is when we aren't fighting over who is friends with who.

  • I also have a best friend, Maddie. We may not necessarily fight like I would with my brother, but conflict most definitely does occur. We argue over who liked a certain band first, or who has more followers. She will want to go to the mall when I'd rather stay home and get a movie. We will also argue over who's house we're sleeping at. And with all this conflict there is just as much cooperation. Our entire friendship is most of the cooperation. I'm not forced to be best friends with Maddie like I'm required to be my brother's sister, I chose Maddie to be my best friend because of the cooperation. We have the same interests and the same sense of humor. We always borrow each other's clothes, or we'll compromise on what to do on the weekend; we will go to the mall on Friday then on Saturday we can stay home and get a movie. There's all sorts of things that occur in my relationships that come with cooperation and conflict.