Epiphany of Learning

TCH 306 | Spring 2015 | by Betsy Zimmerman

"Once students know how to deconstruct media, they have gained a 'superpower.'”

--Andrea Quijada

Visual Literacy

  • Students interact with media for 7 1/2 hours every day.
  • It is critical that they have deconstruction tools in their tool belts so that they can decode the messages.
  • When students know how to deconstruct media, they have can see through advertisements and news stories.
  • Messages sent by media impact our culture... unless we know how to effectively deconstruct them.
  • If students can decode and deconstruct, they can change the way they receive the messages and the way the messages impact their beliefs and actions.

How to apply in my future classroom:

  • Include lessons on visual literacy
  • Model how to deconstruct messages
  • Provide opportunities for them to decode messages in ads, both collectively and individually
  • Show them the power that media has over them - we think we have choice but we are constantly being manipulated.
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