Titanic Survivor Shares Story

Juan and Titus

Personal Information

Name: Mrs Rhoda Mary 'Rosa' Abbott

Born: 14 January 1873 Tuesday

Age on Titanic: 39

Traveled with: her two sons and they both froze too death.

The Ship

Facts of ship:Length-882 feet

height-9 decks and 11 stories building

The titanic was supposedly unsinkable because of the watertight

class and cost:Rosa Abbott was was third class and it cost 20 pounds and five shillings.

accommodations for social class:two beds not a lot of room just enough to sleep in.

Disaster and Rescue

11:40 pm the titanic hit the icebergs and by 2:05 there were still over 1,500 people left on the sinking ship and at 2:20 it sinked and most of the people on it died.

She was on wreckage and the Carpathia came and rescued her.

Life After The Titanic

Where she lived: Rosa Abbott lived in England.

After wreck: Husband in England 1928.

When she died: February 18th 1946