The camouflage sea creature

Madison Wahler


Have you ever wondered what it is like to move your arms 30-70 times per second to swim. Sea horses do that every second to keep their body up. This majestic creature has an extremely interesting life style. But also has a very smart way of blending in when predators come.


Seahorses are very unique in their own way, with their long snout and curly tail. They have rough skin and are not smooth but they look very interesting They are being hunted down and we are losing many of them. So it is very important to keep them safe because if we don’t they may become extinct. Hopefully since I stated their habitat, reproduction, and diet facts you will know or realize how important these sea creatures are. Maybe one day we won’t have to worry about them becoming extinct.

Australian food



1 kg Kangaroo mincemeat

2 large eggs

1 cup breadcrumbs

1 T crushed garlic

1 large brown onion, finely diced

¼ cup Worcestershire sauce

¼ cup ketchup

12 drops Tabasco sauce

2 t dried thyme

1 t dried oregano

½ t ground black pepper

1 large carrot, grated


  1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients together in large bowl.

  2. Form into 8-12 burgers as desired and cook on medium well oiled BBQ plate until cooked through, turning several times. It is a fairly crumbly / low-fat burger so turn over carefully.

  3. Serve on toast, in a hamburger bun or with a salad.

The history of kangaroo meat:

Kangaroo meat was legalized for human consumption in South Australia in 1980, and in all other Australian states in 1993. Kangaroo was once limited in availability, although eating kangaroo in Australia is becoming more popular. However, only 14.5% of Australians were reported in 2008 as eating kangaroo meat at least four times per year.

Madison Wahler
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Swims round in the ocean

Eats tiny fish and rays

A creature that moves it’s fin 30-70 times per second

Has a variety of different colors

Over times grows from 2 cm - 35 cm

Reefs are the sea horses habitat

Sea horses have the ability to blend in to hide

Every morning in the 2-4 weeks of the male’s gestation period the female visits every morning

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