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As we begin the Fall season, we are promoting a few minor changes withinn the program. We have several new school sites that will be implementing the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) meals in their oprations. Students are eligible for CACFP meals if they are 18 years of age or younger. These meals are provided primarily to students who are engaging in after-school enrichment programs. However, students do not have to participate in an after-school program in order to access food.

The temperatures will be dropping soon so we encourage everyone to bundle up and prepare for the cold days ahead. We also hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween.

- H. Ward

Inspirational Quote of the Month

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.” —Robert Collier.



Positions available:

  • CNP Worker

  • CNP Supervisor

To apply for a position with Huntsville City Schools, you must complete an online application with the Alabama State Department of Education. Just Click the Link below to start the process

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National School Lunch Week 2022 at Huntsville City Schools

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RDs: Be thoughtful about added sugars

With Halloween trick-or-treating coming up, registered dietitians and other experts review the differences between natural sugars found in fruit versus refined sugars in processed foods, and the impact on metabolism.

Full Story: The Blade (Toledo, Ohio) (tiered subscription model)

RDs offer tips on staying hydrated

If drinking the recommended amounts of water per day sounds difficult, registered dietitians say other food sources can help keep you hydrated. "Drinking water is important, but to stay hydrated you can include a diverse group of water-rich vegetables, fruits and dairy products in your meal plan," says registered dietitian nutritionist Lisa Jones. Fruits and vegetables particularly high in water content include cucumbers, lettuce, celery, radishes, strawberries, watermelon, pineapples, oranges and even cottage cheese.

Full Story: U.S. News & World Report

RD helps people connect agriculture with good nutrition

Registered dietitian Sheri Glazier, also known as the Dirt Road Dietitian because of her lifelong connection to agriculture, talks with people about the connection between agriculture and nutrition and misinformation about healthful eating. Glazier says a person's cultural upbringing can affect their perspectives on food. "We really underappreciate the generational impact that our families have on our food culture, which ultimately impacts how we think about food and nutrition," Glazier said.

Full Story: American Farm Bureau Federation

Happy Halloween at Huntsville City Schools

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Mrs. Theresa Wilkerson, CNP Worker at Huntsville High School

Mrs. Theresa Wilkerson has been employed with the Child Nutrition Program at Huntsville City Schools for over 16 years. She is married and originally from Alabama. She has a daughter named Katie and one grandson named Hunter.

Theresa describes herself as a funny and friendly person. She has lived in Huntsville all her life and prior to working in CNP she was employed at Winn-Dixie Grocery store as a cake decorator. Theresa reveals that feeding the kids is what she likes most about her job and it also motivates her. When she is not working, Theresa loves to read which is also her hobby. She expresses that the highlight of her CNP career is meeting the children that she serves and her co-workers.

Theresa has two dogs, and one is a Yorkie Terrier and the other is a Chihuahua. Her favorite food to eat is chocolate and her favorite genre of music to listen to is Rock and Roll.

Theresa tells us that many of her co-workers may not know that she likes to read Horror novels. She conveys that she stays in child nutrition because of the students that she feeds each day. Theresa explains that if she were not working in Child Nutrition that she would be taking care of her grandson Hunter.

Theresa says that Child Nutrition is important because children need food to learn and grow and that her participation in the program shows that she has helped a child receive food. Theresa’s favorite sport is college football, and she is a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Theresa hopes to one day travel to different cities and places and she defines success as a job well done.

Welcome To The Team!

Greyson Gilbert

Employees of the Month

Shantina McCaulley, CNP Worker at Providence Elementary

"Shantina have a great personality and she is a hard worker."

-Roshun Langford-Manning, CNP Supervisor at Providence Elementary

Gladys Sandifer, CNP Supervisor at Lee High School

"Gladys is an extremely dependable Supervisor. She is very punctual with completing assigned tasks and duties. She ensures that her served school meals are consistent and appealing. She also promotes the CNP program to the students and works very diligently to give them multiple meal options daily.”

-Henry Ward, CNP Director


Joyce Collier 10/3

Jennifer Jones 10/5

Christopher Bone 10/10

Renae Beasley 10/15

Theresa Wilkerson 10/18

Mirtha Petty 10/18

Yvonne McKinney 10/20


Chrissy Depew 24 years

Sonya Mastin 24 years

Christopher Bone 23 years

Theresa Wilkerson 16 years

Belinda Anderson 15 years

Yvonne McKinney 15 years

Kitty Holt 7 years

Norma Martin 7 years

Maria Boyzo 5 years