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Detailed Guide on Geo-Targeting and Its Important Utilities

Detailed Guide on Geo-Targeting and Its Important Utilities

Geo-targeting is apparently a combination of two words ‘Geo’ & ‘Targeting’. ‘Geo’ refers to geographical location and ‘Targeting’ means delivering. Well if we go deep, it can be understood that Geo-targeting is the process of delivering different contents and website URLs to web users based on their geographical location. Geo-targeting is mainly used to target local customers.

We know, Google always prefers to display the most useful & relevant websites to the users in the search list. That’s why the results shown to a user in India may differ from the results shown in Ireland for the same search term.

Why is Geo-targeting actually needed?

Suppose you’re targeting the visitors tending to search some popular visiting spots in South-Asia. But unfortunately you resulted in putting your Ad in the site that counts many Australian visitors. Guess what; your full money & effort get wasted. This is where Geo-targeting goes proficient by helping you find your target audience accurately.

How it’s done:

Geo-targeting can work just like a self-contained package that has many databases connected to it. The databases are used to precisely find the geographic location of your site visitors as per their IP addresses. The geographic locations can point to countries, states cities, post codes or area codes at times. Furthermore the latitudes and longitudes of your target visitors can also be found from Geo-targeting.

Important Utilities:

  • Online Marketing/Advertising & Internet TV. The common use of Geo-targeting is in online advertising & internet television. Websites like iPlayer & Hulu are where Geo-targeting is broadly used publishing & restricting the contents according to geo-location. Some think, a proxy server or a virtual private network may yield the same result; but they’re found erroneous over time bringing false locations altogether.

  • Internet Marketing. It helps greatly in Internet marketing to find target audience. Most websites, even though they build concrete strategies to obtain substantial customers, lack some tiny points they got to put extra eye in. Precisely saying, sites doing online marketing must select which banner-ad to put in which site. A good geo-targeting including geo-location is what they need.

  • Contents by choice. From user’s viewpoint, Geo-targeting is helpful in getting the right contents for right people. Websites like FedEx and UPS provide the facility to the users to select their country & location first and select the contents accordingly. Furthermore, different contents as per the geographical geo-location are automated. In case of AceHardware website geo-location software is being used to identify the user’s location and based on that the online locator service finds the no. of stores as well as the closest stores to their area.

Hope, this post helps you get some resources about Geo-targeting. We know there’s still a lot more to learn if you want to go deeper into this whole process. Additions are always appreciated.