Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel

One of North Carolina's Endangered Species

Glaucomys sabrinus coloratus

Above is the scientific name for the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel. The flying squirrels are typically found in the coniferous and mixed-coniferous-deciduous forests. Their population is at it's highest in the Appalachians and Mountain parts of North Carolina.

Why are the Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels going extinct?

Due to extreme amounts of deforestation and housing development, the flying squirrels have been evicted from their environment and deprived of safe places to inhabit.

The Majestic Flying Squirrel

Hashtag Save the Squirrels

Efforts Being Made

Biologist and people in the community are building squirrel boxes which give the squirrels a safe place to live! Volunteers also help NC Biologists to monitor, check and mark the squirrel population. The most important thing that you can do to save the squirrels in to build a box (or a few) that will help the squirrels survive!

Project Presentor

This project was completed by Gabi Overcast-Hawks for NCVPS Earth and Environmental Science Class!