The PRES Press

Principal's Monthly Newsletter, May 2018

A Message from Principal Amy Fishkin

CARES Assembly & School Spirit Day

We will hold our next monthly CARES assembly on Thursday, May 31, 2018. Students and staff are invited to wear PRES clothes or the school color, green, for our school-wide assembly. At this assembly, our kindergarten team will focus on what “CARE” looks like in the hallway and will help us reflect on all that we've learned about Cooperation, Accountability, Respect, and Effort this year!

On Friday, June 1, 2018, we will celebrate our school spirit with Red, White & Blue!

Grade 4 NYS Science Testing

Just a reminder that all fourth grade students across New York State will be participating in the NYS Science written test on Monday, June 4, 2018. The Grade 4 Elementary Science Test is designed to measure student progress towards the science learning standards, covered in our Science 21 program, K-4. The assessment is made up of multiple choice questions and a few short answer questions. Students are well prepared for this exam as it covers the science concepts taught throughout their elementary years. You can ensure that your child is prepared for the test by getting a good night's rest and ensuring he/she has a healthy breakfast in the morning. The make-up day for testing, if your child is sick on testing day, is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

PRES Memorial Rock Garden

Dedication Ceremony - Honoring Lucas Harashima

At PRES, we value each and every student and the unique perspective each person brings to our school community. Our beloved classmate, Lucas Harashima, fought a courageous 18-month battle with a rare form of brain cancer, DIPG. He left his mark on PRES by sharing his joy, love, curiosity, humor, gratitude, and friendship with his teachers and friends. He taught us to see the light in all that surrounds us, to never give up, to love deeply, and to appreciate all the messages that life sends us each day.

Inspired by a project created by an elementary school in Indiana, we plan to create a memorial rock garden in memory of Lucas Harashima. The students of PRES will read the book, Only One You, written by Linda Kranz. Only One You tells the story about a small fish, Adri, who travels through the sea of life, gaining insight and wisdom from his parents along the way. They send him the message, “There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place.”

Each student and staff member will be invited to leave his/her “mark” on the school by painting a unique rock to add to the garden. This rock garden will continue to serve as a memorial garden for anyone who has lost a loved one. You can add a rock to the garden to honor someone special in your life. It will hold the memories of our loved ones, the uniqueness of each individual, and the “mark” that each one has left on our hearts and on the world.

On Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 4:00 PM, on the PRES playground, we will hold a dedication ceremony as we dedicate the Memorial Rock Garden to our beloved classmate, Lucas Harashima. During the event, rocks will be available for painting, and a lemonade stand will help remind us that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade. All are welcome to attend.

BTA Food Drive - Thank you!

The Bedford Teachers Association would like to thank you for your generous support of our NYSUT sponsored BTA food drive. Together the PRES school community donated $548 and 256 pounds of food. These donations will go directly to the Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry. For every dollar raised, the food pantry can purchase $4.00 worth of food. Therefore, our PRES donations are worth $2,192! GO PRES!

Spring Highlights!


In Kindergarten this spring, students enjoyed hatching chicks. Acting like mother hens and father roosters, they learned about the life cycle of chicks and embryology. This life cycle study was connected to their science unit on living things. Students are also developing their skills as readers. They are building sentence fluency by learning the strategy of "scooping." They are also learning how to be flexible letter changers, by changing words such as bat to rat, and rat to rug. They are finishing up an informational writing unit, focusing on developing "How To" books, teaching others how to follow steps in a procedure to complete a task, such as "How to Take Care of a Pet." Our PRES community garden has also been revitalized as kindergartners planted peas this month.

First Grade:

In first grade, our students enjoyed witnessing the hatching of ducks. They learned how to care for the eggs in the incubator, as well as feed the ducks once they hatched! Students in first grade are also enjoying writing celebrations as they publish their informational texts, their All About books, and personal narratives. Students learn that writers write about what they know and their topics are chosen based on their interests and their personal knowledge. First graders enjoyed a visit to the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem and are busy preparing for a school-wide assembly on Friday, June 8th to honor their classmate, Lucas Harashima.

Second Grade:

In second grade, students have been studying three types of communities in Social Studies. They learned that people live in urban, suburban and rural communities. They enjoyed creating a 3-dimensional mural of these communities with resident artist, Kim McCormack. You can visit their work of art in the front hallway outside the main office. Second graders also enjoyed a pollination program at the NY Botanical Gardens and are beginning a study of the life cycle of a frog in science. Students are preparing for a special storytelling event for their parents in June!

Third Grade:

In third grade, students enjoyed traveling right into our backyard as they planted trees and took a walking tour of Carolin's Grove. Students are enjoying a study of the life cycle of a butterfly, as they witnessed the metamorphosis of their own caterpillars that transformed into chrysalises and blossomed into butterflies! Students are beginning a study of the rain forest in Social Studies and will be participating in an exciting research project.

Fourth Grade:

In fourth grade, students enjoyed a High Tech, High Touch visiting science program on simple machines and electricity. They are also working hard on their informational writing unit and just finished a study of the American Revolution in Social Studies. Students are learning about decimals in math and preparing for their upcoming Science test next week.

Fifth Grade:

Our fifth grade students just enjoyed a culminating end-of-year trip to see The Lion King on Broadway! They are also busy dancing up a storm as they are learning traditional partner dances in preparation for their upcoming Moving Up Ceremony. Students are studying the Western Hemisphere in Social Studies. Fifth graders are also learning about the economy as they develop their own businesses. In writing, fifth graders are working on developing meaningful argument-based persuasive writing pieces. Lastly, students are learning how to have thoughtful book club conversations with their peers as they explore books revolving around important social issues.

Upcoming Events at PRES

May 31 - Kindergarten hosts CARES Assembly for students (wear PRES shirt)

May 31 - Incoming Kindergarten Parent Orientation @ 7:00 PM

June 1 - School Spirit Day! Wear red, white and blue!

June 4 - Grade 4 NYS Science written test

June 6 - Grade 4 Band Performance for parents @ 8:00 AM

June 7 - Incoming Kindergarten Bumpy Bus Ride @ 9:30 AM

June 8 - Grade 1 CARES Assembly for students (wear yellow and grey)

June 13 - Grade 3 Rain Forest Presentations @ 9:30 AM

June 13 - PRES Rock Garden Dedication Ceremony @ 4:00 PM

June 14 - Grade 2 Storytellers Parents Night @ 6:30 PM

June 15 - Field Day (K-5)

June 18 - Field Day Raindate

June 20, 21, 22 - Early Dismissal @ 11:30 AM
(NOTE: On June 20, 21, 22 - School Dismissal Manager closes at 10:30 AM)

June 21 - Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony @ 9:30 AM

June 22 - Last Day of School