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Suwanee Whole Life Co-op

Order on Our Website: http://suwanee.locallygrown.net/market Fridays to Sundays

Pick Up Location: 1300 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 1104, Suwanee 30024 at Cultured Traditions (LOWER LEVEL at The Plaza at Suwanee Station Shopping Center)

Pick Up Date & Time: WEDNESDAYS 1 pm to 6:30pm



Order their award winning, local, small batch tomato sauces, balsamic vinegars, pestos, infused olive oils, and more this weekend. Congratulations to Alta Cucina Italia!! Their Vidalia Balsamic Jam was announced a Good Food Award Winner!!! We only order from them monthly so please keep this in mind when ordering. Items will be delivered for this week's pick up.

Pop Up Farmers Market/Meet & Greet

This Wednesday 4/25, during pick up (1pm to 6pm) This is a fun event to come out and meet who feeds you! Great opportunity to meet and talk to the farmers and vendors and sample products. They will have items for sale as well. Feel free to invite friends/family! This is open to the public and the more the merrier. The vendors will form a semicircle with their tents in front of Cultured Traditions so plan to park in back rows of parking lot. Here's the link to Facebook post if you want to share : https://www.facebook.com/events/189904934981693/


We need 3 volunteers for pick up next week. Please sign up if you can help! Also, I will have a table set up outside at the pop up event. If a few of you want to hang out with me for a few minutes before/after you pick up your order that would be awesome. I'm usually running in and out showing folks what goes on at pick up. It would help me out if we could have a few members hang out for a few minutes and answer questions while I'm running around.

Maple Syrup Group Buy (LAST CALL!)

This is the final week I'll be taking orders for maple syrup. We only order once per year! More details in separate section. This order is delivered several weeks after I place our order since it comes via freight.

Rocky Acres eggs

Sadly, Marty from Rocky Acres has decided to take a break from raising hens. His current flock is aging and they are no longer laying. He decided not to make an investment in purchasing new laying hens. We will miss his eggs! Bruce from McDonald Farm and Natalie from GA Sky Farm will be listing their pastured raised, non soy, non-GMO, fresh farm eggs starting this weekend to fill Marty's place.

Cultured Traditions has 2 open positions available for part time help. More details below in separate section if interested.

Crave Pie also has a couple of non-baking positions open. 20-30 hours per week. Please email Briana for more details mailto:cravepie@gmail.com

Lots of Veggies and plants!

We have over 100 listings for various organically grown vegetables and close to 60 plant listings! So much variety from Celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, lettuces, fresh herbs, annuals, flowers, and more...

Copperhead Homestead just restocked so they have all their cuts and ground grass fed beef listed.

Doug's Wild Alaskan Salmon just restocked and has everything listed except he's out of hot smoked salmon but still has cold smoked (lox) available.

Maple details

It’s finally Maple Syrup time again! I’ve talked to Joseph from Old State Farms, he’s tapping trees and ready for us to send our order. We only order once a year so you do not want to miss out!

This weekend I will be taking orders for organically produced Maple Syrup. The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) introduced a new set of grading rules to govern how maple syrup is labeled so there is no longer Grade B, It's now Grade A - Very Dark. We'll have Unfiltered and Filtered Maple Syrup, Maple Spread, and Maple Mustard. This is a seasonal product and we only order once a year!

If a gallon is too much for your family and you want to split a gallon, I suggest posting on our Facebook page or using our Google Discussion board to post your request. I just need 1 person to order and submit payment. You will have to divide among yourselves. This worked out really well for folks last year.

My family easily goes through a gallon each year. This is a delicious nutrient dense traditional sweetener that has many uses besides a great pancake syrup. Use it in smoothies, glazes for salmon & chicken, marinades, yogurt & ice cream topping, maple butter, vinaigrettes,and baking.

I also buy an extra gallon and put in pint and quart mason jars with a pretty ribbon to give as gifts. Old State Farms Maple syrup will last 18 months refrigerated because it is so fresh.

The maple syrup and other maple products are organically produced, no chemicals, formaldehyde-free, no sprays or synthetic fertilizers used on trees, evaporator is stainless steel (lead free) and they practice Low Impact Maple Production.

What is unfiltered maple syrup?
Maple Sap is tree’s the primary source for nutrients. When the tree’s root system begin Group Buy this weekend for Maple Syrup. We only order once a year!s pumping sap up the trunk to feed the tree in early spring it brings with it many nutrients and minerals (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese & Selenium). Old State Farms collect the sap and boils off water until the syrup reaches the proper density (66.7brix). During the boiling process only the water evaporates. Not only does the sugar concentration increase, so does the mineral concentration. These minerals begin to collect to one another and form small granules (known to syrup makers as “sugar sand” or niter). This “sugar sand”, given this name because of its light blond color and slightly gritty texture, is then filtered out of the maple syrup. Unless you have asked for it specifically from a producer, any syrup you will find will be the filtered variety and look very clear.

In a nutshell unfiltered syrup is pure maple syrup with all the minerals and nutrients that were present when the sap was collected from the tree. It tastes the same and looks the same but will have a cloudy rather than clear appearance.

Joseph Burkett and his family has been producing maple syrup on their farm since 2001.

This is a pre-order and payment will be due at this week’s pick up or you can mail your check. Our order will take several weeks since Joseph is still tapping the trees. It will also arrive via freight so it takes longer than FedEx.

I will contact you as we get closer to a delivery date.

PLEASE HELP! Volunteers Needed at pick up!

WE NEED 3 VOLUNTEERS THIS WED 4/25 for the 2-3 pm, 3-4pm, and 4-5 pm shift!

Please consider volunteering during market pick up. I can’t run the co-op without your help! Shifts are 1 hour long and go by really fast. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow members!

*You might notice some young women & men helping out at the co-op on Wednesdays. These are some wonderful North Gwinnett High School Beta Club students that are helping to earn service hours. Please allow them to help you gather your items or bring to car. They are there to serve :-)

THANK YOU Britt, Brenda, Karen, and Chuck for volunteering last Wednesday!

Click to Volunteer

No packing is involved just need someone to be there to assist other members. You are welcome to bring your kids as long as they are supervised.

2 Positions available at Cultured Traditions!

Please email Tanya@CulturedTraditions.com if you are interested in one or both of these paid, part time positions:


A small food manufacturing company based in Suwanee, GA is looking for help at their commercial kitchen. They make various sauerkrauts as well as some other fermented vegetables and drinks. There is no high heat processing, instead food get transformed and preserved through a natural fermentation process.

Responsibilities include the following:

- washing, peeling, cutting, shredding vegetables

- weighing and measuring ingredients

- mixing ingredients together and preparing them for fermentation

- cleaning work areas, equipment, utensils

- packaging, labeling, boxing the finished product

We are looking for someone who is reliable, communicative, has a means of transportation to and from work space, has the ability to lift and move heavy fermenting stoneware and bulk vegetable cases and is not offended by fermentation smells ;) Also, not a requirement but would be a great plus if that is someone who is interested in and passionate about fermentation and working with organic, health promoting foods!

It would be a part time position with a flexible schedule (has to be coordinated)


Location of the market:

Suwanee Town Center

Car requirements:

You car needs to be big enough to fit a folding tent, couple of coolers and some other smaller items. At least small SUV or mini-van.

One day a week - Saturday, approximately 7am-1pm (including set up and break down)

Job description:

* Bring materials to and from events

* Sample product with full knowledge and understanding of what it is and how it is different from other products

* Inform, and educate people about the product

* Encourage and make sales

* Accept payments


* Outgoing personality – be willing to talk to people
* Experience with sampling and demo marketing is a plus
* Ability to set up and tear down the booth
* Excellent communication skills

Display Baskets Needed!

If you happen to be doing some spring cleaning and find some baskets you know longer need, please consider donating them to the co-op. Also, if you accidently brought one of our display baskets home, please remember to bring it back when you get a chance. We are missing about 6 baskets I bought earlier this year. Thanks for your support!

Community Corner

Member seeking position: Hello Fellow Suwanee Marketers, I am looking for an accounting position and/or freelance accounting work. I have 30 years experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and accounting software customization across multiple industries. I am an Advanced QB Certified ProAdvisor and a Certified Partner with Sage 50 Peachtree Accounting.

Available for full-time or part-time employment or on an as-needed contract basis for projects and monthly services.Thank you for your support!

Alive Expo http://aliveexpo.com/ticket_info.php Come celebrate Earth Day with the only Green & Eco Event in Atlanta...and the South East

14th Annual Alive! Expo Atlanta

April 21 & 22, 2018

Saturday: 10am to 6pm

Sunday: 11am to 6pm



Two Galleria Parkway,

Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Parking: $5 per day per car

Complimentary biometric screenings including: BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose and Cholesterol - sponsored by:Cigna

Looking for something to do with the kids? Join the GO With Will email list and get a weekly list of kid-friendly events all over Georgia. Link to sign up https://jbelle_0.gr8.com/

You support us and we support YOU!! This section of the newsletter is dedicated to helping support our community. If you are looking for a job, have a business you want to share, a community event, etc., please let me know. I write the newsletter every Thursday so submissions are due by Wednesday. Please email your submission to suwaneewholelife@gmail.com

Upcoming Group Buys and Events

Below is a list of upcoming co-op group buys to help with planning and budgeting. All dates are subject to change.

Group Buys:

Maple Syrup- Unrefined 4/13

Collagen/Gelatin - Grass Fed 4/13

Wild Caught Seafood (VitalChoice) 4/27 -4/29

Grass Fed Cheese - 5/4 - 5/6

Upcoming Farmer/Vendor of the Day/Farm Tour-

Spring Meet & Greet "Pop up" Market - 4/25 1pm to 6pm in parking lot in front of pick up location.


Steering Committee Meeting - TBD Sunday, (more details to come)

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About Us

We are an online farmers market that strives to provide the community convenient access to nutrient dense, organically grown foods and healthy products that contain No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Synthetic Fertilizers or Chemicals, No Additives, such as MSG or Nitrates, No GMO Soy and No GMOs.

Click Here to Order (Fridays to Sundays)

Market is open for online orders Fridays starting at 7:30 am to Sundays ending at 6 pm. Pick up is in Suwanee at Cultured Traditions on Wednesdays from 1 pm to 6:30 pm only. Please make sure you understand how we work before you order.