High School Principals' Newsletter

May 2019

Nuance by Michael Fullan

"The more complex the problem, the more that people with the problem must be part and parcel of the solution."

MDE/OES Workshop

Dr. Edwards will be hosting and facilitating the MDE/OES Spring Workshop, March 7th.

Sign up for technical assistance to help you allocate resources for your focus areas.

MiSTEM News from Diana Allard-Check it out!

Genesee Opportunity Numbers--How are we doing?

Genesee Opportunity has over 1700 applicants for 2019!

Take the Genesee Opportunity Quiz:

1. T/F All of my senior students know about Genesee Opportunity

2. T/F All of my senior parents know about Genesee Opportunity

3. T/F We have a process to ensure that all seniors apply to Genesee Opportunity

4. T/F We have a process to remind former seniors to apply and get information needed

5. T/F I work with my counseling/leadership team to continue to monitor progress

6. T/F Our team's goal is 100% student participation

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Would you like a SLIDE for Senior Honors Night? We can send everyone a SLIDE for you to share at SENIOR HONORS NIGHT--would that be helpful?

Why Poverty Matters; Why We Can Matter More!

for a complete list of all of the strategies:


Linking Walk Facilitator Support Network-Save the Date

We are hosting a great follow-up to the Linking Walk Facilitator Training. On May 23rd we are hosting a support session to help facilitators review all resources, materials and plan for district and county wide Linking Walks.

We will be sending this special invitation out soon!

You are Invited:

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Participating Districts:

Atherton* Beecher* Bentley* Carman-Ainsworth* Clio* Flushing* GCI* GEC/MMC* Grand Blanc* International Academy of Flint* Kearsley* Lake Fenton* Montrose* Mt. Morris* Swartz Creek* Westwood Heights* Flint (Youth Quest)

Fliers and Cards

MDE Updates

Career Exploration

Spring School Improvement Update and Planning Workshop-May 8th

Education and Learning is hosting a Spring School Improvement Workshop on Wednesday, May 8th. Topics will include updates, reminders on due dates, deadlines, leadership for continuous improvement and more!

Two Sessions Available!

AM Session 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. - FULL

PM Session 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. - Register here!

Located at:


1000 Gladwyn Street

Flint, MI 48504

School Improvement-Career Awareness

Questions to ask:

How would you approach this new language and/or incorporate into your existing strategies?

What are you/we already doing that supports this?

What makes sense for the different grade levels? (you determine)

How could you enhance your current SIP goals to include more career related opportunities?

How could we enhance our existing relationships with businesses/community?

The GISD will host a Spring School Improvement Workshop that will highlight all changes!

Word on the Street...

1. The framework that MDE is using for the MiCIP is the Whole Child. Goals may look different in the future...

2. ASSIST ONE more year

3. Once the the MICIP is implemented, Program Evaluation will most likely be embedded into the School Improvement Plans and not be a separate process.

Social Studies Standards Update

  • The newly revised Social Studies Standards were presented to and received by the State Board of Education on Tuesday, April 9. During the next few weeks MDE will offer a series of Listen and Learn session to acquire public feedback on the 2019 version of the standards. That feedback will be reviewed by the writers and then a final copy will be presented to the State Board of education for approval on June 11.

    Below you can find the dates, locations, and times for each session; copies of the standards; and access to the online survey.

  • Public Comment Dates
  • 2019 Draft Social Studies Standards
  • 2007 v. 2019 Social Studies Standards Comparison
  • 2018 v. 2019 Social Studies Standards Comparison
  • April 9, 2019, State Board of Education Presentation
  • Online Public Comment Survey
  • Professional Learning Opportunities

    Genesee County's Professional Learning Catalog

    View professional development opportunities offered by GISD!

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