100 cupboards

N.D Wilson


When Henry's parents are kidnapped, he goes to live with his aunt Dotty, uncle Frank and his three cousins, Anastasia, Penelope, and Henrietta. A few weeks after his arrival, he notices something strange inside his room.


The wall is falling apart! Henry decides not to tell anyone, but eventually his cousins find out. The room he is staying in is not far from Grandfather's room, just down the hall, and no one can get it open. No one knows where the key is, and even a chainsaw, ax, and locksmith can't get it open!


I will not say the end for you, but i will tell you some very important details. When Henry finally uncovers the wall, there are 99 cupboards, each full of something different. One has a stray cat in it, one has an entire valley with a dog in it, and one even has a winged rhino! But the cupboards are not the only secret in the house! A strange grandfather clock makes Henry want to know more things about the old house, including ghosts, a wizard, and much more.

I won't spoil the end for you.