The Bear Necessities

September 18, 2019

Our Team, our school family, our coworkers

I've had the amazing opportunity to work with some of you for so many years. We have celebrated some amazing successes together and have had the opportunity to work through some tough spots. I have to tell you, I've been doing a good amount of state level work in this last few years....and this team, well, we do some amazing things for families and children.

There is strength in our years of commitment to our mission. If your newer here, I encourage you to reach out and tap into the amazingly resourceful coworkers you have been gifted with.

Where do you fit on this highly successful team? It's time for a bit of self reflection:

Do you commit to giving 100%?

Do you commit to getting better?

Do you commit to staying positive?

Do you commit to the team's mission?

Do you commit to each other?

If you answered all 5 with a yes, this is probably a really nice fit for you, if you did not, are you willing to make a commitment? I believe that if you spend your days working hard, they should be days filled with work and people you are committed to. We often spend more hours with those we work with than we do with family, your choice in work and work environment are important.

Learn more by clicking the "5 Commitments of Great Teams by Jon Gordon" button below.

Jim Cosgrove, Mr Stinky Feet

If your working, you can wear your new school shirt (the one from August).
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