The Maze Runner

James Dashner


Sixteen-year old Thomas started his new life in darkness. There is only teenage boys surrounding him, staring at him. The Glade is attached to a Maze with large Doors that close and change the way the Maze looks every night, and the Maze is filled with Grievers. Grievers are violent monsters that want to eat human flesh, and come out to get someone typically at night, but stay in the Maze because the Doors close at night. Thomas and the other Runners must search the Maze in the daytime, and try to find the way out. After Thomas arrived, nothing was the same.

Will the Gladers make it out of the Maze? Will they survive the Grievers?


The setting of this novel is in an outdoor area. This area has a lift, or a large box that brings the Gladers things and comes and goes, a few buildings, and most importantly, a Maze. The Maze is a very, very large area with huge stone walls that have ivy hanging down them.
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In your opinion, why did the author choose to write this particular book? What was the big lesson to be learned?

In my opinion, the author wrote this book because he wanted people to know that you need other people in our life. People around you also need you. You can't push away everybody in your life, or you will find that you just can't make it.

What was one thing that you learned from reading this book?

One thing that I learned from reading this book is that you need to describe every little detail. If you expierence something that doesn't happen that often, people don't know what to expect.

Excellent thriller novel!


About James Dashner:

James was born and raised in Georgia. He now lives in the Rocky Mountains with his four children. James used to work in the field of finance, but he does not like numbers at all. On his free time, he likes to snow ski, watch good movies, and most of all, read. When he was little, he would read any book that he could get his hands on. James believes he is the luckiest man in the world becuase he has the best job that he can think of.

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