Child labour, we can do someting!

By Nadine de Boer

Many people think child labour is something that only occurred in former times. Well, they are wrong. Child labour is still far too common! Nowadays, about 200 million children between 5 and 15 years old have to work to stay alive. Most of these children live in poor countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. They have to do very heavy work in mines, on the fields, in factories,... Sometimes children are even used as slaves.

I think this is very sad! Kids are not meant to work, they should play with their friends, spend time with their family, have education and develop themselves. I think that the governments of countries where kids work should strengthen their policies against child labour. Not only governments and human rights organizations, but also you and I can do something against child labour. For example, stop buying products that are made by children. So lets all do something against child labour!