The House Of Hades

Story Elements

The House of Hades takes place in Tartarus and on the Argo II during the present. The main conflict in the story is the doors of Death are open, so Percy and Annabeth have to close them on the inside, while everyone else has to close them on the outside. The book begins with the demigods going to Epirus in Greece on the Argo II.

Character Analysis

The main character is Percy. (But there are also some other important characters.) Three words to describe the main character are brave, strong, and smart. The character is motivated by being with Annabeth. I like the main character because he's brave and he's the son of Poseidon, god of water, and Poseidon is my favorite Greek god, as well as his Roman form, Neptune. The relationship between Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase is they are dating. They are also really close to each other.


The theme of the novel is friendship. One example that supports the theme is when the demigods on board the Argo II were arguing and Jason Grace said, "If we keep arguing, we wont accomplish anything." Another example is when Iapetus, the titan, jumped into Tartarus from Hades palace just to help Percy and Annabeth when they were about to die. A third example from the book is when on of Iapetus's friends who got banished to Tartarus be Gaea, said he couldn't help Percy and Annabeth escape from Tartarus, but in the end he ended up help them.


I rate this novel a ten. I give it this rating because, for one, Rick Riordan, the author, is an amazing writer. He makes his books come alive. In addition, the Percy Jackson series, including all of his series, are my favorite books.


I think that teens can relate to this novel because the main characters that are in the books are teenagers. Usually teens think alike.
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