The Uglies

By: Scott Westerfeld

The uglies is an amazing book!

Tally and Peris are best friends but Peris got changed into a pretty and he left her as an uglie and she really missed him. Tally crossed the river and went into new pretty town to go see Peris and eventually found him but almost got caught but pulled the fire alarm and jumped off the roof of the party towers with a bungee cord on. Tally went to get the operation when she was 16 but she couldn't because her friend shay ran away and Tally cant turn pretty until shay gets caught and turned pretty. Tally goes to find shay at a place called the smoke and so when shes have way there she has an encounter with the rangers who were burning off weeds and almost burned her but they saved her and took her to the place where the smokies would pick her up with shay. Shay and the smokies find Tally and then tally and david get together and tally destroys thye pendant which then the next morning they are under attack and everybody but tally and David get taken. So then Tally and David get the courage to go get there people back so they went there and found Shay turned into a pretty and Davids dad was dead and they flew to the ruins and luckily got back and Tally says she is going to go back to the city with Shay.

(To see what happens at the end read the book)

Scott Westerfeld


Scott Westerfeld (born May 5, 1963) is an American author of science fiction. Scott Westerfeld is well known for the Uglies series. Uglies is set in a world in which everyone has an operation when they turn sixteen, making them supermodel beautiful.


The setting takes place in uglieville. Also it took place in pretty town then the smoke was out in the middle of the woods.


Tally- She was a youngblood ugly and had a friend named Peris that left her and then met a girl named shay and they went to the smoke and then got captured by the specials.

Shay- she is causing trouble because she likes David but David like Tally and gives her special treatment but he doesn't give it to shay and shay is getting captured and turned pretty.

David- David is Tally's boyfriend and doesnt want her to do anything dangerous and gives her special treatment in the smoke.


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Why you should read this book

I think you should read this book because it could give a good connection to your life. Also I thought the first book was so good. Next you could read the series and it would be amazing. So I liked the book so much. Last in is a good teaching book to tell you to stick up for the things you really want and need.