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Happy Teachers’ Appreciation Week


“If children came to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job easier.

If they do not come to us from strong healthy, functioning families it makes our job more important.” Barbara Coforose

Thank you all for giving so much of yourself to our students. Please know how much we value and appreciate all that you do for our students. You make a difference and your efforts do not go unnoticed.

We are so happy to have Abby Wierman join our staff as the TA for Mrs. Klager and Mrs. Amon.

The first and last months of a school year are often the most stressful for all of us. Let’s remember to use the 7 Habits to navigate through these next few weeks. We are all stressed---children included. Let’s practice kindness and compassion.

Kelly and I redirected over 24 students today. Please review the expectations for their behavior at the start of the school day. We are here to help and support you if needed. Please do not send a child to the office unless the student has a referral. We in return will call you and let you know what redirection was given and then later put the referral in your box.

We are in the process of practicing lock down drills in the cafeteria. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will ask grade levels to come to lunch a few minutes early to practice this drill. We will begin today with 3rd grade. Please remind students of the importance of being quiet during this drill. Please review all lockdown procedures and refer to the email from Mr. Childress for more information.

Juley is attending the National Magnet Conference to accept the Magnet School of Excellence back for us. She is out for the remainder of the week.

Please remember that dress down day is Friday only unless otherwise announced. Shorts are still not part of dress down days. Please review the student dress code policy with your students as well.

PLT’s meet today in the PLT room.

Just remember to always let us know---in advance---if you are having guest speakers. This is a WCPSS policy that always needs prior approval from administrators.

The City of Raleigh has recognized Monday, May 16th is AB Combs Day. On this day, PTA has graciously arranged for Pelican's to serve our students snow cones as a school wide celebration. Please see the schedule below as to what time each grade level should plan for snow cones on the front playground.

10:15-11:00 1st grade

11:00-11:45 4th grade

11:45-12:30 2nd grade

12:30-1:15 5th grade

1:15-2:00 3rd grade

2:00-2:45 Kindergarten

Volunteer Breakfast Information from Donna:

It's that time again!!! I've made a google folder with everything you need all in one place. It contains the invitation, RSVP place and picture folder.

Your TO DO'S!!

  • Send invitations (either electronically or print them out) to anyone who has volunteered for you this year!
  • Record all the YES responses on the google sheet. No later than May 11th
  • Put a few pictures in the picture folder of your volunteers in action this year!!!

If you have any questions, please ask or email Donna.

Recognize a colleague for their hard work through the Combs Celebrating Combs form!

Upcoming Events


May 2

  • Staff meeting

May 3

  • Election Day
  • Kindergarten to Durant Park
  • Adaptive Schools (Jason off campus)
  • BT Meeting

May 4

  • Kindergarten to Durant Park

May 5

  • Derby Day Breakfast (A-L)
  • Happy birthday, Sarah!

May 6

  • Derby Day Breakfast (M-Z)
  • Interims sent home
  • IRT Meeting
  • Scholastic Summer Reading Kick Off (K-2)
  • Clubs


May 9

  • Staff Meeting

May 10

  • Testing Meeting at 3:30
  • Central Area Principals' Meeting

May 11

  • Kindergarten Open House
  • Teacher of the Year Banquet

May 12

  • Magnet Principals' Meeting
  • SSA Testing

May 13

  • SSA Testing
  • Clubs
  • Chicken Coop Presentations

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