Mrs. Smit's Kindergarten News

What happened at school today?

Want to get your kiddo talking about what they are doing here at school? Here are a couple questions/subjects to help guide the discussion:

* Tell me a number story

*What How To book have you written?

*Tell me about Global Day of play?

*How did you make your pillow?

Important Dates

February 15th- President's Day, No School

February 16th- Flex Day- No school if we have not had a snow day up to this point

February 19th- President's Day Program at 9:45 a.m.- all are welcome to come and watch! no background check is necessary. Students should wear a combination of red, white and blue.

Friday is our library day, reading bags also come home on Friday please return the reading bags when you are finished reading with your student.

President's Day Program

Save the date for an upcoming program to celebrate President’s Day! All Kindergarten classes will be participating in “Meet Mr. President” on Friday, February 20th at 9:45. It’s sure to be a lot of fun! We hope you can make it! We will wear red, white and blue.

Last two weeks....

I am sorry I didn't send a newsletter last weekend, so I am catching up now...I opened the iPad and realized that I had taken 220 pictures to document our last two weeks :) we have been busy!

We had 2-2 day and we loved thinking of many ways to see 2, we had Global Day of Play 3 hours of just playtime was great to help us build relationships and just having fun, we made pillows with Samantha's mom to answer some of our wondering, we had makerpace in the Library, Miss C. taught a lesson on measurements, we celebrated reaching a 20 minute read to self goal by bringing pillow and blankets, we practiced our program for next week....

In math we are really working hard on creating great number stories to connect math to our everyday life....we have started talking about multiplications and doubles as repeated addition and division as examples of equal sharing, BIG STUFF

We are continuing to teach each other about things we are experts in with our How To writing unit, ask your child what they have been writing about. We are also focusing on rereading our writing and fixing up words that we now know how to read and write.

We are continuing to learn about tortoises and answering some of our wondering.

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