Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

October 12, 2017

What is going on?

PBL: 2nd grade will be launching its first Project Based Learning unit this week. We will explore life in the early pioneer days of Round Rock, and discover specific historic landmarks that make Round Rock special. Our focus will be The Chisholm Trail, Round Rock Donuts, Sam Bass & A.W. Grimes. Students will become experts on Round Rock’s history, which will enable them to answer our Driving Question: Who were the important people that helped shape Round Rock?

Students will wrap up this unit of study with a special presentation on one specific landmark.

Writing: Writing and reading will be combining this week to research landmarks that are important in the Round Rock community. We learn how to “take notes” when researching. We will be using these notes to help with our PBL project in the weeks to come.

Spelling and Grammar: along, coat, end, first, home, name, say, three

This week we will review the some nouns that will always need a capital letter.

Names and Titles (Person)

Names of places (Place)

Book Titles (Thing)

In Reader’s Workshop, we will be looking at strategies that help us to have strong comprehension. The focus will be working on making sense of new information with non-fiction text. We will be looking at author’s purpose for writing. This will all tie in with our research for Round Rock landmarks.

Math: This week we will continuing to learn math strategies to get kids thinking about math. Learners will be encouraged to think about numbers in different ways by understanding the equivalence of numbers and expressions. We will be working on addition and subtraction with regrouping.

Social Studies: Students will learn the concepts of time and chronology by researching historic events and famous Americans. We will explore the past and present (then & now), by looking at pictures from history and comparing them to our lives, now. While researching, we will record specific dates and apply them to a digital timeline. Students will understand why certain events are recorded in history.

This and that!

All of second grade is hosting a project based learning launch event on Monday. We are going to rotate to other classrooms and host a pioneer type activity. My room is making home-aid butter and then having a tasting on crackers. If you can please help me with these supplies, I would be grateful.

Other 2nd grade classrooms are providing fun activities too. Be sure to ask your child about it on Monday evening.

70 small paper plates (Narayanan Family)

2 boxes of saltine crackers (Louk Family)

3 large cartons of whipping cream (The Mase and Bacon families)

70 plastic knives (Jardine Family)

Please let me know by tomorrow if you can donate. Thank you very much! This is such a great and engaging activity to get kids excited about our first project based learning experience!


Oct. 11-20 Student Council Book Drive (please donate gently used books for schools affected by hurricane and/or schools with few books)

Oct. 17 Chris Barton visit for 2nd & 3rd grades

Oct. 19 -Oct. 24 Book Fair

Oct. 20 Friday Assembly K-2nd Grades

Oct. 20 PTA Movie Night-”Moana & Sing”

Oct. 23 Classroom Spelling Bee in 2nd-5th grades

Oct. 23-Oct. 27 Red Ribbon Week
Oct. 27 - 2nd grade PBL presentations 10:40-11:15 (More Info.Coming)
Oct. 31 - Halloween
Nov.10 - School wide Assembly

Thank you Jardine family for the Clorox wipes! Thank you Mase family for the adorable stickers. Shout out to the Powell family for the spooky pencils. We love it!

Kabir would like to invite us to his birthday party- Please view this evite-

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!!

Bright Bytes Technology Survey

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational data analytics company, in order to learn more about our students’ school and home technology use for learning. We are reaching out to ask you to take part in our questionnaire.

Your participation is essential in helping us form a more complete picture of technology use for learning in our students’ lives. Please know that all of your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy and they will help your child's school choose the right technology for their classrooms. It will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

The last day to complete this questionnaire is Monday, October 16, 2017.

Please go to here.

Thank you for taking part in this important initiative!

Innovation Station Needs Donations!

Please help us stock our Makerspace. This is a space for creativity, expression, and innovation!

Here is a list of items we currently need for our next rotation (2 weeks!):

  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls

  • Egg cartons

  • Fabrics scraps

  • Unused crafting items (stickers, craft paper, hole punches, etc.)

  • Ribbon, string, rope, fishing line

  • Bottles, caps, etc

  • Old Cd’s, berry baskets, pretty much ANYTHING!

Don't throw it away-give it to us! A Large box will be left in the school entryway to collect the items. Please make sure the items are clean and ready to use!

** due to latex and nut allergies, please avoid donating items that use to contain these items (i.e. peanut cans, balloons, etc) Thank you for helping us keep Innovation Station safe for all our students**

Birthday books for library

Would you like to honor your child’s birthday by contributing to our Sommer Library Program? You can do both by purchasing a Birthday Book for our library! For a $15 donation, your child can choose from an assortment of brand-new books in the library (or any book of his/her choosing). We will put a sticker in the book to commemorate the event, your child can be the first student to check out the book, and his/her picture will appear on our Birthday Book bulletin board and on morning broadcast. Just visit the library website at

to fill in the form. A check can be made out to “Sommer Elementary” and delivered by your child to the library. You can even sign up months in advance; we will keep track and send for your child when his/her birthday month arrives!

Field Day!!!

This year the date will be March 9th which is the day before Spring Break.

March 23 will be our backup date.

Boxtops for Education

PE is collecting Box Tops for Education. Each box tops is worth 10 cents. The money that we earn goes towards the purchase of more PE equipment.

Box Tops for Education can be found on the following products:

-General Mills


-Betty Crocker




We are having a contest between grade levels for the most box tops collected. Please send the Box Tops in a baggie, with your child’s grade level, to their classroom teacher or the gym.

A grade level reward will be awarded at the end of October and the end of November.

We collect these Box Tops for Education all year long!!

The book fair preview for students will be October 19th, and we'll be open for shopping after school that day until 430p.

Friday, October 20th--open 715a-615p, with PTA movie night afterward.

Monday, October 23rd--open 715a-415p

Tuesday, October 24th--open 715a-1215p.

Online ordering starts on October 9th and runs through October 26th! Books are delivered to the school with no extra shipping charges attached. It's a great way to be sure you get the books you want, and our library still benefits!

Book fairs are the only fundraisers we have for the library. Funds go towards paying for author visits, online database subscriptions, library supplies, and books for students.

Have a great weekend!