Henry Ford

Henry Ford is flying in the streets with the ford model T!!!

Early Life Of Henry Ford!

Henry Ford was born in Wayne County,Michigan on a farm in 1863 were his parents william and Mary ford raised him located nine miles outside of detroit. And in 1879 henry ford left his family to pursue his intrest in michinery.And when he was a kid he had brothers and sisters. Clara ford,Josaphine ford,william ford and last but not least Benson ford.

Henry Ford's Accomplishments

Henry Ford Accomplished making the ford model t and. He helped the people by making a faster and a less expensive way to travel.Also he did it with a couple of car parts and the car only had about 20 horsepower and did not have a reverse gear and it looked nothing like a car it was a quadricycle (quad) four wheels or sides.
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Fun facts about henry ford

Henry ford was taught in gold smith,Bryant & strattion buisness college in detroit.

When henry ford was a young man he repaired watches for his friends and his family.

Henry Ford became a chief engineer of the edison illuminating companys main plant in 1893.


the character traits i think of henry ford is rich because i have no idea how he could aford all of those car parts! And i also think henry ford had a good life because he had barely any problems.