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Haley odell

industrialization - political

was a democratic party in new York. the 27th president election. took place in the shadow of the war of 1812. It featured an intriguing competition between incumbent democratic republican president James Madison and a dissident Democratic-Republican,
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economic- Sherman anti- trust act

first measure passed by the U.S. prohibit trust and foreign trade. passed by Congress in 1890 and is also landmark federal statute in the history of United also outlawed monopolistic business practices.
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social/cultural - Edison and the light bulb

1878 he didn't actually invent it. this changed the way things are now because we have lights and electricity. and can further technology because of it. i agree with this and am proud because we now have lights and cordless phones and better tvs
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immigration- economic

1887 regulated the railroad. good because we now have better way to transport and have cars and dont have to take the bus. required that railroad rates be reasonable and a good price. this was a american class railroad.
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economic work

amount of goods produced over a period of time