RSBJ Lawn Mowing

Brock Mackiney, Riley Lewis, Seth Walters, and Justin Rosche

We mow the best in the Midwest!

Our lawn mowing service is the best quality and the best price in the US. It all started out in the garage of Riley’s mother’s house, we research the surrounding areas for people in need of the service for example, people who just don’t have the time and energy to mow their lawn, and the elderly.

How our business is funded

$50,000 from a business loan, $20,000 saved up from all of us, and $10,000 from friends and family. All money earned saved and put in a bank account in case of equipment emergencies.

Employment Requirements and Training

Our employees are required to mow, and trim. To be hired, the employees have to have experience with yard work and be familiar with lawn mowing equipment. They also have to be a high school graduate and have some sort of college diploma. The new employees have to go through a week of training with all of the equipment, and know what is expected of them while being an employee at RSBJ Lawn Services; then they can work on yards without assistance. Our secretaries have to have a degree in business and associates with at least 1 year of experience.

Equipment and Sources

We have two 2010 Chevy Silverados that we bought from a used dealership. We have two flatbed trailers that we pull behind our trucks with all our equipment which we got from Illinois Trailer Sales located in Monticello.Bought our mowers from Lowe’s push and rider mowers.Trimmers, edging shears, chainsaws from Lowe’s. Plants come from Beaver Creek Nursery in Poplar Grove Illinois. Office equipment from Office Depot.


We have a website and have Facebook and twitter accounts. Our business is also in phone books.

Business Records

We use Quick Books to: track orders, all payments and records. We use the Square Mag stripe Reader for credit card payments. We use Google Chrome software.

Pictures of our fantastic lawn mowing service!

Business Entity

Our business is a partnership owned by us four. The advantages of our business being a partnership are, we don’t have to go through all of the government regulations and laws. Also 4 people can contribute to the company and all of us have some sort of power and ownership in the business. But some disadvantages are, we could lose personal belongings if we owe money or if our business goes into debt. Also If one of us leaves or dies, then the business and the whole company dissolved.

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Our office hours are:

Weekdays 7am-10pm

Weekends 8am-8pm

Mowing hours- 8am-6pm

Our goals at RSBJ Lawncare

  1. Expand business to hire a couple more employees to work full time.

  2. Makes sales and marketing our first priority, rather than perfection

  3. High customer satisfaction rate of over 95%

  4. Since we get paid by the hour, we are going to improve the quality of the lawn mowing and the time it takes so customers do not have to pay as much.

  5. Expand by buying 2 more trucks and trailers so we can work on 4 houses at once.

Organizational Chart

Mission Statement

Our mission at RSBJ lawn care is to make sure professional, quality service is provided to each customer on time with no issues or concerns.

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