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Week of October 2nd

Week 8

Hello Families!

As we embark on Week 8, we are officially in October!!

We've wrapped up another strong week at school, and it's important to remind:

  • 🍂 Only 5 school days to go until you and your scholar get to enjoy the well-deserved Fall Break!
  • 💪 You've put in an incredible amount of hard work this school year, laying the foundation for continued growth and success in your child's education!
  • 🌟 Remember, you make a positive impact on our child's life every single day!

In last week's newsletter, I talked about the approaching Fall Break and the anticipation it brings. It's perfectly natural to feel excited! However, sometimes this excitement can lead us to consider relaxing or lowering our standards. In our commitment to providing your child with the best possible education, rest assured our staff will hold true to our high expectations!

At home, we ask for the same. Hold that bar high with homework completion, reviewing Kickboard with your scholar, and reflecting on how they are doing with reaching the goals you set with them. Let's continue to deliver excellence in everything we do together.

Wishing you all a fantastic Break with your scholar(s), and let's make the most of these remaining school days before the break!

Placeholder Reminders:

  • To get "into the weeds" on what is happening in your scholar's grade level, please be sure to click on the respective grade level newsletters below!

  • On REPEAT: Sleep schedule--Your scholar's stamina to operate throughout the long school day is becoming stronger by the day! So they can be set up for continued success, please ensure they have (and stick to) a sleep schedule that provides them 9-10 hours of sleep each night!

As always, thank you for trusting us with your scholar to be the foundational entry point to a high-quality high school! I'm both privileged and proud to be on this journey with each and every one of you!

Let's make this week another GREAT one!

In Partnership,

Mr. Johnson


Email: mjohnson@theprepschools.org

Cell: 216-386-8912

Upcoming Dates For Your Radar

  • October 4: Progress Report #2 comes home with your scholar!
  • October 9-13: No School (Fall Break)
  • November 10: Family/Parent Conferences
  • November 17: End of Trimester 1
  • November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break! #gobblegobble
  • October 3: Breakthrough Schools High School Fair (At Cliffs Campus in gym)

Parent/Family Conferences: Coming Soon on November 9th and 10th

Parent conferences are a crucial opportunity for us to discuss your child's progress, address concerns, and strengthen the home-school connection.

Your active participation is invaluable. Stay tuned for upcoming information on virtual sign-ups, making it easier than ever to schedule your conference. Same as last year, you will have the opportunity to schedule either in-person or virtual conference with your scholar's teachers!

  • November 9th: 4pm-6pm
  • November 10th: 8am-1pm

Together, we can ensure your child's success!

Financial Literacy Classes: Coming Soon!!

Big picture

Parenting Teens- 3 Keys for Dealing with Your Teenager’s Disrespectful Behavior

Parenting Teens- 3 Keys for Dealing with Your Teenager's Disrespectful Behavior

Your Vote Matters!!

The deadline to register for the general election November 7th is TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH. This is just a friendly reminder that Ohio voters have three options to register to vote in Ohio:

  • In person At the office of the Secretary of State, any County Boards of Elections (BOE), any Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), public libraries, public high schools or vocational schools, County treasurers’ offices, or offices of other designated agencies.

  • BONUS Just ask, and Mr. Allison will send a registration form home via your scholar. You can fill it out and submit via the instructions on the form.

Open Doors Academy: After School Program

Want to register for ODA?

Enrollment Steps- All enrollment steps are required prior to scholars first day of program

Register on our website.


  1. Complete ODJFS (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services)- we are licensed under ODJFS, and all forms must be completed accurately before a scholar can be in our program.
  2. Attend orientation on one of the following dates. My team and I will be scheduling more orientations in upcoming weeks and all participating Breakthrough Schools families are welcome to attend.

  • 9/21- Time: 4:30- 6:00 pm, Location: ODA Office
1427 E 36th St #4206 (6th floor)

  • 9/28- Time: 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm, Location: ODA Office

1427 E 36th St #4206 (6th floor)

On Repeat: Family Portals: Behavior & Grades!


Want 24/7 access to your scholar's grade??! Set up you family portal by following the instructions here. Need credential support? Click here.


If you are in need of support in completing your portal access to view your scholar's Kickboard account, please click here.

On Repeat: Automated After School Reflection Calls

After school reflection (ASR) is a layer of accountability that scholars can earn through behavior, homework, and/or uniform infractions. Scholars are fully aware of what equates to an after school reflection, as we will spent an extensive amount of time in the first week of school teaching and training on these through culture building sessions. After school reflection (ASR) goes from 2:10-3:00pm.

As a reminder, when having to communicate reflections, we send out a automated reflection call well in advance to ensure families have time to arrange transportation. To review more information on these calls, please review our initial communication on outlining these calls here.

Update Your Family Contact Information

As the school year presses on, we recognize phone numbers and/or emails may change.

To ensure we have the most update-to-date contact information, please update your new phone number and/or email by clicking here if you recently changed your contact information. We will have this immediately updated to our systems once you do so.

Thank you for your continued partnership and communication!

Want to SHOUT OUT one of your scholar's teachers?

Mr. Johnson will surprise the teacher with your shout out:)

Weekly Family Feedback Survey

Let us know how we're doing!

EPC Educators: Face to a Name & Email!!

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Have Questions For The Leadership Team?

Don't Hesitate to Reach Out!

  • Mr. Johnson - Principal; MJohnson@breakthroughschools.org
  • Ms. Miko - Dean of Culture; LMiko@breakthroughschools.org
  • Ms. Wilson- Real Time Teacher Coach; MWilson@breakthroughschools.org
  • Mrs. Schecter - Dean of Instruction (STEM); ASchecter@breakthroughschools.org
  • Mrs. Duric- Dean of Instruction (Literacy); MDuric@breakthroughschools.org
  • Mr. Falconer- School Counselor; CFalconer@breakthroughschools.org

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