to kill a mockingbird

by jarod swallom

background of scout

scout-6,female,narrator. her interest are reading, writing,play games,hangout with friends. her attitude/behaviors are that she's tough,doesn't take lip from anyone,curious and it kinda gets on Jem's nerves. Atticus doesn't like it when she fights

first section-tone

its 1930 in Macomb county there are four friends really good friends in fact and thats how the story starts off then it goes in on whose-who what they do as a job, how they do it. scout the youngest 6 female narrator, short, child like, short hair, blue eyes, tomboy, then dill 6 3/4 male, jem 10 male, atticus 49 male, scouts interests are read, write,her personality shes tough doesn't take any lip likes to cause trouble. her attitude before the turning point as that she would fight or disobey her father or not cause trouble before the turning point she acted like a child played games didn't give a crap she only thought of her self. atticus doesn't like her attitude.

second section

the turning point in this story is that when scout finds out that her dad is defending tom robinson a black man. scout goes from childish games and running around and hanging out with friends to caring about something that she likes very much, she obeys her father more, doesn't fight, and gets along with almost every one that doesn't hate her father. she also notices when atticus ask's her not to fight she notices somthings different

third section

now that she realizes that its not all fun and games she gets along with life great obeys atticus more acts more like an adult, she realizes what the n-word means and doesn't like it very much she hates her cousin, loves her uncle jack, and some other family to.