All about me

By Clell burdiss


My full name is Clell Clayton john Burdiss I am 12 and I has born on April 20 2003 in Kansan city Missouri

Favorite activities

I love to swim work on cars and wake surfing. I love to work on cars because I like to see when they are done and being able to see them from start to finish I also like to do it because I get to talk and spend time with my favorite Pearson in the world my dad. I like to swim because when I swim I don't worry about anything else that is happening around me. I love to wake surf because I get to spend more time with my dad and i'm just slowing down and thinking what i'm doing right then and nothing else. That is why I love all of theses things.

Things that change my life

After my parents got a divorce I found one of the things that I love to. Work on cars I think that when I stared to work on car it changed my life for the better. Now I found something that will clear my mind from school and everything else. I got to know my dad and my grandpa a lot better and many other people.


I love food and eating it but if I had to pick right now my favorite food would be sloppy joeys or pizza.


My favorite place in the world would have to be a lake I love to go to the lake and hanging out with my friends and be able to wake surf with my dad and my best friend's trip and trey we love to wake surf together.

Why people like me

I think people like me because I'm nice funny and can talk to who ever I will talk to anyone know matter what and I will not be mean to anyone no matter what.


My family has 4 girls out of 6 people

fun facts about me

any card game

dirty paws

anything about cars


don't like t.v that much


mission impossible




don't like candy