Muhammad Ali

By Marco Patino

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was best known for his boxing skills. Everyone considered him the worlds heavy weight champion . Muhammad Ali was a pro fessional boxer in 1960. Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's at a age of 42. People say his rain injury might of been from all those blows to his head. He was also known for having battled his condition in the hardest conditions.

Ali last fight was in 1981. Ali became a Olympic gold winner in 1960.muhammad Ali was educated in central high school.muhammad Ali was born in kentukey in 1942 . Ali was Avery good boxer that's why he was considered a proffecional . People considered him a pro at a young age.

Fun facts about Ali

He was named after a abolitionist.

Ali was banned from boxing for three years.

Ali has Irish in him.

His Olympic medal may be submerge on a rivers bottom.

The gloves he wore to defeat Liston earned him more money than the victory.

Connection to present day

Muhammad Ali and Floyd mayweather have a lot in common. They are both great boxers. They also have been heavy weight champions of the world. A difference between them Ali and floy is that floy retired with zero losses and Ali retired with a couple. Also mayweather invested all his millions and Ali didn't . Ali is now 74 and floy is 34.


Ali impacted ppl cuz it made younger kids that want to be like him. It also makes ppl try as hard as he did and let's them have a stable life like him. Ali was important ant the moment because he was a champion boxer and had a hard working life during his boxing career. It impact the society by encourage kids to be like him and and fail or success. He is still know for his good boxing skills and appreciated by it. Ali makes us look back and see him as the heavy world champion in 1970.