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Mrs. Myerson's Classroom News - Week of April 11th

A Note from Mrs. Myerson

The 3rd marking period has ended, and we are now beginning the 4th and final! Let's make this one REALLY count! The students have definitely learned quite a bit and having made huge progress! We will keep plugging along as we wind down the year.

We have wrapped up Social Studies for the year, and we are moving in SCIENCE this week! We will be covering a wide variety of topics about Living and Nonliving things.

Finally, don't forget, our class trip the Regal Movie Theater in Vineland is THIS FRIDAY! Students must wear school uniforms, as we will return to school for the afternoon. As always, we are expecting great behavior so ALL students can participate in our trip!

**Our Spelling and Vocabulary tests will be on THURSDAY this week due to the trip!

This Week

Theme: Life Science - Agriculture
Essential Question: Where does food come from?

Spelling Words: play, grain, sail, mail, may, rain, way, day, stay, pain
Sight Words: first, food, ground, right, sometimes, these, under, your
Phonics: Long a (ay, ai)

Reading: Author's Purpose, Summarizing Asking and answering questions about a text

Vocabulary: Multiple Meaning Words

Writing: Opinion Writing

Grammar: Proper Nouns (Months, Days and Holidays)

Math: Polygons, Spheres/Cylinders/Rectangular Prisms, Pyramids/Cones/Cubes, Problem Solving

Social Studies: Map Skills

Science: Living and Nonliving Things

Weekly Assessments


Map Skills Test


Spelling Test
Vocabulary Test

Important Reminders

Box Tops: Each month the PTO will be sending home a Box Tops collection paper. Please tape or glue the box tops to the page and send in to school. *If no paper is available, just send in the box tops in a bag* The class who collects the most Box Tops each month gets an ice cream treat, and at the end of the year gets a Pizza Party!

Important Dates and Events!

PTO Meeting

Monday, April 11th, 6pm

361 E Grant Ave

Vineland, NJ

Held in the Media Center

Pretzel Sale

Thursday, April 14th, 11:30am

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

$1.00 plain, $1.50 cinnamon

District Art Show!

Thursday, April 14th, 6-8pm

361 E Grant Ave

Vineland, NJ

Come see the fantastic artwork from our students in the District! Mennies halls are covered and we couldn't be prouder of our talented students!

Field Trip to the Movies!

Friday, April 15th, 9:30am

3849 South Delsea Drive

Vineland, NJ

We are leaving at 9:30am sharp! We should return by 1:00.

Meet Mrs. Myerson!

I am a wife, and a "mommy" to my lab-pit, Chance. I love to read, dance, sing, be creative, organize, decorate, and spend time with my family and friends! I am an 8th year teacher in Vineland, and truly passionate about my job! Making learning fun for my students and sparking their curiosity is what I'm all about.