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District News & Announcements

September 2021

District News & Announcements September 2021

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In addition to the regular communication you may receive from teachers, school leaders, and Dr. Tremblay regarding academics, COVID-19, and operational updates, the District also wants to share news, announcements, and opportunities that impact the broader community. Please see below for several timely messages from various community partners and District leaders.

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Oct. 8 - No School (Professional Development)

  • Oct. 11 - No School (Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples' Day)

  • Oct. 14 - Elementary School Early Release (Parent Conferences)

  • Oct. 21 - Elementary Early Release (Parent Conferences) and Middle School Early Release (Professional Development)

  • Oct. 28 - Elementary Early Release (Parent Conferences) and Middle School Early Release (Professional Development)

Family-Friendly Flu Clinic - This Weekend

The Framingham Health Department will host a drive-through/walk-in flu vaccine clinic for residents at Keefe Regional Technical High School, 750 Winter Street, weather permitting, on Saturday, October 2.

The clinic is open to adults 65 years of age and older from 9 – 10 a.m. All ages, six months and older, should attend the clinic from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

  • On the day of the clinic, please bring a copy of a signed and completed flu vaccine form for each person getting vaccinated. (Forms will also be available on site.)
  • No health insurance is required, but if you have insurance, please bring your card.
  • Face coverings are required.
  • The drive-through clinic will only be available for those who bring a completed registration form.
  • If there is inclement weather, the clinic will be held indoors only.
  • High-dose flu vaccines will be available to older adults aged 65 years and older while supplies last.
  • The flu vaccine is quadrivalent (designed to protect against four different flu viruses, including two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses).
  • Following this clinic, any remaining doses will be available during regular hours at the Public Health Nursing Clinics.

Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15)

The District is excited to be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in different ways, across schools. In class teachers will be recognizing the achievements, honoring the history and learning more about Hispanic Heritage through art, music, literature and more. Below is a list of ideas for activities for you to also do at home!

Compiled by our Director of Multilingual Education, here is a blog article with ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month - including things you can do while social distancing:

Art & Food

  • Cook a recipe from Cuba

  • Create a flag from one or many Hispanic countries

  • Make a breakfast treat from a country you want to learn more about

  • Draw a map of Hispanic countries around the globe

  • Cook a dessert from an Hispanic country

  • Go online and take a virtual tour of a museum and explore Hispanic artists

Literature & History

  • Research facts about a Hispanic country you are interested in

  • Choose an important Hispanic person from history and learn more about them as a family

  • Read a book from the library that is in Spanish or celebrates Hispanic Heritage

  • Learn more about how and why we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Movement & Media

  • Listen to Cumbia music during dinner time

  • Take a Salsa lesson on YouTube

  • Look for pictures of Native dress from different Hispanic countries

  • Watch a family friendly movie together that celebrates Hispanic heritage! Some examples: “Coco” or “Ferdinand”

September 2021 - Distribution of Recruitment Material

The PDF for September 2021 includes material from:

  • Centre Music House
  • Nick Cerio's Kenpo Karate
  • New England Martial Arts Athletic Center
  • Framingham Parks and Recreation, and
  • PAC of Metrowest

The District is Seeking Community Input

Brightly colored, artistic hands being raised representing volunteers

Framingham Public Schools is seeking community support and involvement as we look to fill the open position of Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement. If you know of a qualified candidate, please encourage him/her/them to apply. Additionally, all Framingham community members are invited to participate in the search and hiring process of identifying the new leadership for the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement. Here is a snapshot of the opportunities for community involvement:

  1. Apply to join the Initial Candidate Screening Committee to establish the key characteristics of the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Diversity, and Community Development; review resumes and applications, and recommend 7-10 initial candidates.
  2. Apply to join one of three Stakeholder Screening Committees (parents/community members, educators, or administrators) to meet with their respective stakeholder group to conduct 30-minute interviews with the 7-10 selected candidates from Round 1 and rate their performance.
  3. Complete the Focus Group Survey by October 25th to help identify key characteristics in the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Diversity, and Community Engagement.

There is a required training and commitment of up to 6 virtual meetings for each of the Screening Committee roles listed above. If you wish to be considered, please complete this Application by October 1, 2021. Screening Committees will be announced on October 7. All interview and meeting dates are available on the FPS website.

Please read the full communication from FPS (English, Spanish, and Portuguese). You can also see the Press Release on the website as well.

Happy National Custodian Appreciation Day! (October 2nd)

Happy National Custodian Appreciation Day! (October 2nd)

National Custodian Appreciation Day is an annual celebration of custodial workers across the country. This day is a great opportunity for staff and students to thank custodians for their hard work and dedication. Simple gestures can make Custodian Day special. Here are a couple easy ways to show your appreciation:

  • Simply say 'thank you' and wish them a Happy National Custodian Day (on Friday, October 1st)
  • Give them a handwritten card or picture
  • Have a simple conversation, learn their names, and get to know the people who help take such good care of our school buildings
  • Pay attention to the little things & pick up after yourself :)
  • Let your children or fellow staff members know about National Custodians' Day so they can celebrate as well.

Indigenous Peoples' Day - Monday, Oct. 11th

Indigenous Peoples Day Ceremony/Service Projects

Stand up to hate and spread love!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Indigenous Peoples Day Ceremony (3-4 PM):
Please join us at McCarthy Elementary School to make a statement against hate and to recognize historical injustices that tie into our communities' present-day injustices. Community leaders and Cultural Stewards of the Nipmuc Nation will be in attendance and speak. This family event is outdoors, and masks are required. Parking available. (8 Flagg Dr, Framingham, MA)

Youth Service Opportunities (4-6 PM):

  1. Cleaning and painting @ Daniel's Table's --- provides food security services to our neighbors-in-need with dignity and respect (TRANSPORTATION NECESSARY)
  2. Painting @ The FPS Resource Center and JFS Children's Clothing Closet --- provides a seasonal response to the clothing needs of the elementary school-age children

Register to Participate in the Indigenous Peoples' Day Events
This information and form are provided by Jewish Family Service of Metrowest.

Big Things Happening at Fuller Middle School

Grand Opening Celebration - A look back at September 26th

Take a look at today's Press Release recapping Sunday's Grand Opening Celebration at Fuller Middle School!

The Chris Walsh Performing Arts Center - A Naming Celebration

Tomorrow night the auditorium will host its first performance! Several musicians including Dr. Tremblay and Fuller Middle School Architect Jonathan Levi among many others, will perform on the stage of the new theater in Fuller Middle School. This will be broadcasted live to the Framingham Public Schools Facebook Page at 7:30pm on Friday, October 1st for anyone that wants to tune-in or watch the replay! Thank you to our friends at FEC-TV for making this possible!

Child Tax Credit - Important Information

You could get thousands of dollars in federal COVID money! The Federal Government is giving people more money with Stimulus Payments (“Economic Impact Payments”) and tax credits. You can sign up for this money with a 2020 “tax return.”

You can have low OR no income to get this money. This money is not just for people who need to complete tax returns because of the amount of money they make.

You should sign up if you:

  • Did not get stimulus payments for you and/or your dependents

  • Have no or low income

  • Have never applied for taxes/ not applied in recent years, OR

  • Have a child who may not be in the IRS’s records.

Why should I sign up NOW?

  • Sign up if you did not get the three Stimulus Payments for you or your eligible children / dependents (between $600-$3200 per person!)

  • The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) helps many low income people (including many essential workers)

  • You can still sign up for payments for the last 3 years and get the money!

  • COMING SOON: Child Tax Credit checks - get $250-$300 per child per month starting in July if you have no or low income

Example: In 2019, Edgar and his son only had income from child support. He did not file taxes in 2020 because his income was very low. Edgar did not get the COVID-19 stimulus payments. He did a 2020 tax return and got $2900 from the 2020 Stimulus Payments!

When and how do I sign up?

People who do not have enough income to need to submit taxes can apply at any time (until the IRS closes for the year - we do not know when this will be yet!). After that, you need to wait until the IRS reopens for applications in 2022.

If you make $57,000 a year or less, you can get FREE help to sign up. Learn more:

What if I am an immigrant?

If you have a Social Security Number: You may be able to get tax payments and stimulus payments for yourself and any children or dependents with a Social Security Number.

If you do not have a Social Security Number:

  • If you have or get an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and do a tax return, you may be able to get the 2021 Stimulus Payment ($1400) and the Child Tax Credit for your children who have Social Security Numbers.

  • You can apply for the ITIN at the same time as you do a tax return.

Getting this money does not impact your status or the status of people you live with! It is safe for you to get the payments you are eligible for.

Learn more:

Framingham's Food Providers Distribution Schedule

LGBTQ History Month (October)

LGBTQ+ History Month is a month-long celebration that occurs in October to observe lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer history. It also honors the history of gay rights. LGBTQ History Month was first celebrated in the United States in 1994, centering National Coming Out Day, which occurs annually on October 11th. It was first known as Lesbian and Gay History Month, the coordinating committee added bisexual to the title and later transgender. Gay and Lesbian Pride Month is also celebrated in June.

Progress Pride Flags fly at all of Framingham Schools, all year long. For the month of October the FPS Logo will be replaced with a celebration logo, honoring LGBTQ+ history.

ICYMI, GSA Students recently presented to the School Committee with a variety of ideas and resources to support students throughout the year (and beyond). Take a look at this incredible presentation here: GSA IDEAS 2021—2022.

Flyers by Night is Back!

Conveniently located within Framingham High School (115 A Street), Flyers By Night (FBN) offers continuing education courses to families and residents of Framingham.

FBN classes are staffed by FPS teachers, local artists, chefs, and Community Partners. Courses are categorized as Culinary, Finance, Education, Technology, Fitness/Wellness, Future Planning, Language, Arts/Music, or Trades.

See course offerings which begin the week of 10/11 and register today: Flyers by Night Website

We are also recruiting instructors! If you would like to facilitate any future programs please submit form: Flyers By Night Instructor Form.

Last but NOT Least, October is National Principals Month!

Through leadership and tireless pursuit of success for each student, Principals guide and support our schools in ways large and small every day. We are grateful to and for our building leaders who continue to shift the ways in which they support our schools, staff, and students through COVID-19 and beyond.

The American Federation of School Administrators, National Association of Elementary School Principals, and National Association of Secondary School Principals have gathered a couple of ways for families to celebrate their Principals: Ways to Celebrate National Principals Month.

Text reads: #ThankAPrincipal Thank you for all you do! Image shows children running holding hands
Framingham Public Schools

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