Flipquiz in the classroom

A FREE game show website your students will love

The most user friendly Website to practice in class!

Instead of spending hours figuring out how to use a computer program to help kids practice, just put your questions and answers into this easy template and then let them compete!

You can decide whether or not to add answers to each question, which means you can also give students a link to quiz themselves at home! Each board serves as an alternative to traditional flash cards, too.

How do you play?

Flipquiz is just like Jeopardy but easier to use. Simply create categories and type your questions in below each category. The questions are ranked in order of difficulty. Choose one of the tiles to flip it over and reveal a question. Students in your classroom can guess until one team gets the answer right. If an answer is provided, you can view it when you're ready.

Scores will need to be tallied manually on the free plan, but PROMembers can keep score online during the game.

Some cool features:

Why use Flipquiz?

FlipQuiz™ was created to provide educators with a quick way to create quiz boards for test review games in the classroom. These review games are traditionally tedious to create, difficult to present, and can largely just be used once.

With FlipQuiz™, questions are displayed on-screen (with answers if desired) and boards are saved for later (re)use. With a beautifully designed board, students are more likely to be interested and stay engaged with an otherwise boring test review process.