Weekly News

November 17-21

Tomorrow's Field Trip

Please consider joining us on our field trip. We need two more drivers...

Tuesday, November 18

Who Our 6th grade class

What Field trip to The King Tut Exhibit

When Tuesday, November 18

Where Balboa Park's Natural History Museum

Why Culminating event to our Ancient Egypt studies

Cost $12 (student) $6 (adult-chaperone)

We will leave school at 9:30 and return by 2:20.

Thank you to our parent volunteers who are joining us. We appreciate your time in driving students to Balboa Park and chaperoning.


Topics we will cover this week include:

  • Divisibility Tests for 3 and 9
  • Least common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor
  • The Euclidean Algorithm as an Application of the Long Division Algorithm
  • Test on Friday

Lightning Thief

The Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell, an American psychologist and mythological researcher, wrote a famous book tittle The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Campbell discovered many common patterns that are in many hero myths and stories from around the world. He described several basic stages that almost every hero goes through.

Based on our reading of The Lightning Thief, we will cite evidence of how Percy fits this mold of hero. We also identify these hero traits in other stories, myths, movies, and fables.


We will continue with our root word study. Quizzes are on Fridays and are taken via Edmodo.

FRAT (brother)

GRAM/GRAPH (write)

GRESS (move)


Each Monday your child will closely read and respond to a nonfiction text.
Today's text is Making Music History. Students should bring scored work home each week.

Nightly Reading

Responses are turned in through Edmodo. Students received a new sheet with four types of response prompts (# 5-8) that are aligned to 6th grade Common Core English Language Arts. The last two weeks were #1-4. They are to select one prompt each day. We have reviewed the requirements in class. Daily home reading with a typed response should take 20-25 minutes. Each response is worth 5 points for a total of 20 each week.

Social Studies

Students complete their brief informational essay pertaining to the King Tut exhibit. This week they use Glogster.edu to create their online poster.

Two more things....


We could use some Lysol Wipes. We use these handy wipes to clean off desk tops.

Also, cold season is here and we are going through boxes of tissues rather quickly.

Thank you in advance for any donations.

Toys from Home

Students are not allowed to bring toys from home to school. It has become an issue at recess. Please keep toys at home.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, "I'm possible!"

~ Audrey Hepburn