North VS. South

By: Brady McBride


North: Abraham Licoln

South: Jefferson Davis

Military Leaders

North: Ulysses S. Grant

South: Robert E. Lee


North: South:

1. Economy was based on industry. 1. Economy was based on cotton and agriculture.

2. They had federal rights. 2. Had states rights.

3. Did not want slavery. 3. Needed slavery to pick cotton.

4.Wanted high tax on foreign goods. 4. Wanted low taxes on foreign goods.

5. Culture- more educated, industry 5. Culture- Farmers, less educated


North: South:

-Best leadership -Strong Army Tradition

-More power -Motivation

-More wealth -Trade cotton for weapons

-Controlled shipping -Experienced with guns/horses



Weren't experienced with horeses/guns

South could get more/better guns for troops


North had better leadership

North had much more troops

North controlled shipping.

North had much more power than them.

General Information

North: South:

23 states

22 million people

2.1 million troops

180,000 are african american men

130,000 came from slave states


3.5 million were slaves

11 states

9 million people

600,000-1.5 million troops in the army