Forged By Fire

Sharon M. Draper


Thus book is about a three year old boy name Gerald. His mother is on drugs and abuses him, leaves him in the house by himself. One day she leaves him the the apartment by himself and he starts playing he her lighter and uses it as a torch for him and his G.I. Joe Man. When he was playing wit the lighter he set the curtains on fire. When he realize that he had set the apartment on fire he was scared, smoke got into his lungs, and went to go hide behind the couch. When he passed out the next door neighbor had went over to check up on him and saw that the apartment was smoking and went to get Gerald. Later on that day Gerald woke up in the hospital. He ask where his mom were the the nurse told him that she would be back she just need time to get things straight and when his Aunt Queen walked in the nurse had told her that Gerald's mother Monique had went to jail for child abuse and child endangerment. Few years later when Gerald had grown up he was living with his Aunt Queen and he had found out the real story about his mother.On one of his birthdays he is mad because he finds out that his mother prison and she have been out for one year and haven't came to see him or nothing. When his Aunt tell him why she haven't came yet it is because she have been getting her life together and want Gerald to come live with them her, her boyfriend Jordan, and their daughter Angel. When they come over for Gerald's birthday he he is confused when he finds out he has a sister he was very protective over her. Gerald and Angel has been through a lot and Angel still goes through a lot...


Monique is the mother of Angel and Gerald and the girlfriend of Jordan Sparks.

Gerald is the son of Monique brother of Angel and the stepson of Jordan Sparks.

Angel is the daughter Monique and Jordan Sparks and the sister of Gerald.

Jordan is the boyfriend of Monique stepfather of Gerald and father of Angel.

Author Sharon M. Draper

Sharon Draper graduated from Pepperdine University. She was born in Cleveland Ohio on August 21, 1948. She won the Margaret A. Edwards Award from American Library Association in 2015.
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Forged By Fire Time Line

In the beginning of the book Gerald was three years old. His mother left the house with him in it alone with dangerous things. Gerald started playing with his mother lighter and set the curtains on fire. Someone comes and save him. His mother goes to jail and he goes off to live with his Aunt Queen. While he is with his Aunt Queen she treats him good and he loves it when he's with her. On one of his birthdays his Aunt Queen tell him what really happened with his mother and why he is really with her because the first time Aunt Queen and the nurse lied to him. He finds out his mother had been out of jail for one year and haven't came to see him yet and when he finds out what happened he is upset with his mother and doesn't want to see her again. When his mother came on one of his birthdays she brought her daughter Angel and her boyfriend Jordan Sparks. Aunt Queen passes out while Gerald and Angel is outside playing and Monique and Jordan gone. Gerald have to out with Jordan, Monique, and Angel because Aunt Queen passed away. Gerald finds out Jordan be abusing Angel. Gerald says he have to do something about it and tell Mr.Washington Rob's father. Jordan goes to jail for six or seven years. When he gets out Gerald is now seventeen years old and Angel is twelve or thirteen years old. Etc...