By Michael Nowicki

Good and bad effects of advertising on kids

Michael Nowicki

Good things about technology

Warning about the dangers of alcohol

Generate jobs add money to the economy

Children can understand value of money

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Bad things about technology

It gets children obesity

Make kids want to buy advertised things

Advertising influence the mind

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Quote 1

"The fat content of advertised products exceed the current average of Canadian diet and all recommendations,and most food advertised is high calories food such as fast food,candy and sweetened cereals”.(impact of media on children and youth

Quote 2

).”Canada's two largest breweries spend $200 million on advertising each year.on an annul basis,teenagers see between 1000 to 2000 beer commercials carrying the message that real men drink beer”(impact of media on children and youth).

Quote 3

”advertising can have positive effects.For example,some alcohol manufactures 10% of their budget on advertising warning about the dangers of drinking and driving.”(impact of media on children and youth)

Evidence & Elabartion 1

I know that advertising make people want to buy the things that are getting advertised. It makes kids get obesity from eating too much of the food that they are advertising.

Evidence and elaboration 2

I know when advertising beer they want to attract an audience that will keep buying it.This answers my question because it tells what happens to children who see ads.

Evidece and elaboration 3

I know people who do advertising is trying to persuade you to buy something.This answers my question because it says positive effects of advertising on children.

Children and ads

Ads are not controversial but people need to keep an eye out to monitor children better.Companies need more clarity to advertise To kids there are side effects and consequences of advertising to kids.The children magazine is under pressure. The main purpose is to persuade the audience,can easily lure children and ads plays an important role in society.society. Children watches a lot of ads also ads to childern is a part of society.Ads are in school and are also on tvs tv impact kids the most.Amount of time can very of watching ads and Ads makes message to childern.Tv are good teachers to Shows how people eat in Canada

thesis conclusion

There are good and bad things about children seeing advertising because some get the advertised stuff.

They has the same numbers of reasoning because 3 things of how advertising for children are and how they are bad.

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