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Register Today For Portland, Maine Bootcamp...Here's Why!

Top 10 Reasons You Should Leave the Soccer Field, Couch, Coffee Shop, or Bed to COME!

Hello Northern New England Sparkles,

Carrie, Michelle and I are really excited to lead this Saturday's Fall Re-Entree Bootcamp & Opportunity Event, but we need your help. To make this great event happen, we need a clear idea of numbers. Here's what's in it for you...

1) The best hands on training you can get with top trainers!

2) How about a little massage? Yup. You heard me right!

3) A big boost in the 40% of your commission for the year that you earn in Q4.

4) Some lunch! I'm not a miss a meal kind of girl!

5) Connect with area stylists!

6) Business supplies & prizes!

7) Saving you a trip to Boston! Yup...we'll have to go back if people don't rally! ;)

8) Styling tips & Ginger's favorite budget trunk show uniform finds!

9) Carrie McGraw IN THE FLESH, who earned over $200k last year. Yes, please!

10a) FUN!

10b) An EXTRA entry into our team's next BIG contest...details to be revealed Saturday!

Love and a Fabulous Fall to you,


What Do I Do Now?

#1: Register, Silly!

Click here to register! Saturday, September 14th 9:30am-1:30pm

#2: Invite Guests To Learn More & They Get A Gift! Click on the Red Stamp below & drag to your desktop or save to your phone, so you can email or text to guests.