School Counseling Updates

August 2019

Welcome back, CHS!

How to sign up to see your School Counselor:

There is no longer a computer in the Main Office for signing up to see your counselor, college adviser, or career/GCC Adviser. You will need to go Caroline High School’s site on your Chromebook, click on students, drop down and click on School Counseling, and then click on Counseling Sign Up form. Or, use this link.

If you have something that is urgent, such as test registration with a deadline, please specify in your sign-up.

Juniors: Are you interested in taking the PSAT?

There is an opportunity for 40 11th grade students to participate in the PSAT. The PSAT is an excellent way to prepare for the SAT. We will only accept the first 40 forms that we receive. The test will be held on October 16th, 2019 during the school day. If you have any questions please see your school counselor.

Sign up here.

Seniors- Sign up for College Advising Remind texts!

Ms. Taylor and Mrs. Hummer use Remind to text seniors about important events and deadlines. Click here to sign up!

Senior Resources

Click here to access a Google Drive full of college resources, including FAFSA info, video tutorials, and more. You must be signed into your CCPS account to access!

AP and DE

Upcoming dates for AP & DE Requirements:

DE tuition is due in full by Friday, August 23rd

Important Changes for AP Exams

Please be aware that, starting this year, AP students must pay for their exams in full by November 15th, 2019. The cost is $94 per exam, or $53 for students who receive free or reduced lunch. If payment is not received by this date, there will be a $40 fee added to the original cost. No exceptions will be made, as this comes from new College Board guidelines for the AP program.

Senior Info- Scholarships

How can I find scholarship information?

Scholarship information will come to you in the CHS School Counseling Monthly Newsletter. If scholarships have an online website to apply this information will be provided in the newsletter. Local and other scholarships may not have an online application website and may require that you mail the application. Reminder: You are responsible for mailing your own applications and meeting required application deadlines!

Types of Scholarships

1. Local scholarships will be only for eligible Caroline County Students and/or surrounding counties’ students. These generally have a small number of applicants.

2. State scholarships will be for all eligible Virginia students. These usually have a medium or large amount of applicants.

3. National scholarships will be for eligible students in the USA. These usually have a very large number of applicants.

What should I do to apply for scholarships to pay for college?

1. Apply for all scholarships for which you meet eligibility guidelines on an ongoing basis.

2. Meet all dates/deadlines: watch and meet the requirements as stated in the wording, such as "postmarked by" and "received by" dates.

3. Apply to many scholarships: start with local scholarships.The more scholarships you apply for, the more likely you are to win one (or a few)!

4. Complete all of the scholarship application requirements and submit with all required components.

5. You will need to mail your own scholarship information unless announced.

How can I prepare for the scholarship application process?

1. Get letters of recommendation!

Request detailed (but not scholarship specific) letters of recommendation from 3 teachers/counselors; allow a minimum of two weeks between the recommendation request and scholarship deadline! Provide information about yourself so that the letter will have specifics about your high school/community achievements and successes. You will will want to complete your Senior Profile and provide this information so that this will be available to your CHS counselors and teachers when writing your letters. Here is the Senior Profile link:

2. Request Official Transcripts via Parchment.

Transcript Information:
To have a transcript sent to a college or scholarship sponsor you will need to go to Parchment. It is free to send your transcripts from there! Allow two weeks. See the school counseling website for directions.

Here is the link:

3. Essays are often required for scholarships.

Write a 300-500 word essay personal about your career and college aspirations. This is a start, as most scholarships will ask for an essay. You will need to make additions and changes based on the specifics of each scholarship.

Scholarship Advice:

1. Apply for as many scholarships that you can. Check eligibility requirements. (ex: do not apply to a scholarship that requires job experience if you have never worked)

2. Apply for eligible scholarships on an ongoing basis.

3. Be prepared and organized. Most scholarships require similar things: Completed application, letters of recommendation, essays, and transcripts. Put together, collect, and have it available for sending or printing: Letters of recommendation can be shared via Google. Essays can be Google Docs that you save and make changes to as needed.

4. Follow and meet the scholarship requirements for eligibility, application requirements, and deadlines.

5. Prioritize local scholarships: these have the fewest applicants. Your odds of being selected are much higher.

6. Read your School Counseling newsletters that are emailed to you! Check your CHS school email often- daily is recommended, but at least weekly!

Other Recommendations for Your Scholarship Search:

Students should check for available scholarship money with their churches, places of employment for the parent and student, and organizations and clubs in which parents or students participate. It is recommended that students should focus first on applying for local scholarships. Students can search online for additional scholarships for which they are eligible.

Some online scholarship websites:


Junior and Senior Info: SAT and ACT

Who needs to take the SAT or ACT?

Any junior or senior who is interested in attending a four-year college straight out of high school should take the SAT or ACT by fall of their Senior year.

I'm a senior and I haven't taken the SAT or ACT yet. Is it too late?

No, it's not too late! Most college applications are not due until December or January. However, it is highly recommended that you take one of the tests by October 5. This will give you time to retake the test (if needed) before college application deadlines.

What is the difference between the SAT and ACT?

The SAT and ACT are very similar tests with just a few key differences. The ACT tends to be a bit more content-based than the SAT and has a science section. Both tests are similar in price and total length. Most colleges will accept either test. The SAT is offered multiple times per year at CHS, but the ACT is not- students must travel to a nearby school to take the ACT.

How can I practice? Do I need to study?

Most students find these tests more difficult than what they've seen in school. Many students find it useful to begin studying a few months before the test date. You can access free SAT practice resources at, or at your local library. Ms. Taylor will also host several free SAT prep sessions this Fall, dates and sign-up are below. ACT practice resources can be found here:

SAT and ACT Information:
CHS School Code: 471200



If you receive free or reduced lunch you may be eligible for a fee waiver. To determine if you are possibly eligible:

Sign up to see Ms. K. Taylor, College Adviser; You may sign up for Ms. Taylor at this link:

SAT Registration:

Upcoming SAT Dates:

Upcoming ACT Dates:

Next SAT test/deadline: The next test date is October 5th. Students must register by September 6th. Those registering with a fee waiver or willing to pay a late fee may register by September 24th.

Next ACT test/deadline: The next test date is September 14th. Students must register by August 16th. Those willing to pay a late fee may register by August 30th. Please note that those with fee waivers for the ACT may not register late.

College Advising Events

Ms. Taylor is currently planning the following College Advising events. Be on the lookout for specific dates and more details. Check your email frequently!

  • College Rep Visits will begin in September. During these events, students will have the opportunity to chat with college representatives at CHS. A calendar will be sent to students shortly. Students may only sign up for a maximum of four visits and must be in good academic standing. Open to junior and seniors. Some visits may be available to sophomores.
  • SAT Prep will be held after school in September. Please see the form below for sign-up and dates!
  • A FAFSA workshop will be held on October 8th. This event is for seniors only.
  • Ms. Taylor will host after school college application workshops on October 15th, October 29th, November 12th, and December 17th. These will be great times to sit down to work on applications while having help present if you need it!

Senior Blog

Seniors can access updates from Mrs. Douglas via the Senior Blog. Check this page for your graduation date, cap and gown info, and more:

* Newsletter created by D. Huntsinger and K. Taylor

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