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Friday, October 14, 2016

Crazy Days of October

We have always said that October is our craziest month. And here we are, in the midst of all that CraZInESs!! Just know that you're not alone in your craziness.......we are all a little crazy around here. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying!!! It's going to be ok. Even in all this craziness, there is support all around you. Don't feel like you need to suffer in silence. We can suffer with you and then give you some support!!

We had a wonderful, crazy, planning day last Friday. Our planning teams received valuable feedback and information so that they know how to adjust and proceed with the planning for the remainder of the year. Thank you for your feedback!......it's essential to the success of our campus and students. We must be able to monitor our programs and then adjust as need. Flexibility is key!! I have been so impressed with all the focused instructional planning that has been taking place, all the personal research you have taken upon yourself to find engaging lessons for your students, and all the support you provide to one another! Ya'll are absolutely AMAZING!! I'm so proud of all your hard work and to be your principal!!

Don't hide your CRAZY!!

~A Note from McCaleb~

AR Flashcards a great alternative to ordinary flashcards! They use Augmented Reality (AR) and bring what seems to be ordinary flashcards to life. All you do is print out the flashcards (http://arflashcards.com/) and download the FREE AR Flashcards Animal app! They have a couple of different options, such as AR Flashcards Space (which is also free), as well as, Addition and Shapes and Colors (these are $2.99 each or you can get a bundle of these and the paid Space one for $7.99). I’ve been using them during my free center time and having my kids spell words with them, such as CAT and then they use the app to scan over the letters and it all comes to life!

Here is a video about them and how they work! But if you want to see them in action, you’re welcome to come to my room and check them out!

AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet


Gillenwater & Petsch: These ladies have done a tremendous job with our students during their transitional period and have welcomed our new team mate with open arms! Thank you for

~Shout Outs~

  • Shout Out to my compadre for holding down the fort while I have been out or in SST meetings! ~ Bowers
  • Way to go Redman for helping out with Marcellus' class during dismissal while she finished with SST!!
  • Browning.....shout out that her daughter, Avery, has started a Bible Study class at McDonalds in the mornings! ~ Murrah
  • To our front office staff for staying calm, organized, and working together during the crazy month of October. ~ Bowers & Lamb

~Mark Your Calendar~

October 17-18: Pre-K CIRCLE

October 19: Staff Safety Meeting

October 20: Bus Rider Meeting @ 8:15 in Parent Center/Jean Day

October 21: Head Start to Farmers Market

October 24 -28: Red Ribbon Week

October 25: Fire Station Visits

October 27: Orange Day

October 28: Fall Parties / Cookbook Money is due

October 31-Nov. 1: Head Start CIRCLE


October 10: Penny Hawkins

October 14: Gabriela Hernandez

October 18: Magon Redman

October 23: Don Murrah

October 25: Kristin Pearson

Pledge of the Week.....Mrs. Holt's Class