Mrs. Snyder's Spectator

September 15-19th

Important Dates


15th - NWEA Reports will be sent home this week via e-mail

18th - Lockdown Drill (during school day)

19th - Tie Dye Spirit Day


2nd - Roadrunner Rally

3rd - 1/2 Day for Students

10th - Quarter 1 Ends

14th - PTO Open Forum (7pm)

18th - Career Day (wear what you want to be when you grow up)

21st-22nd - Parent Teacher Conferences (sign up ASAP)

23-24th - Fall Break (NO SCHOOL)


4th - PTO Open Forum (7pm)

26-28th - Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)

Specials/Related Arts

M- Music

T- Art

W- Computer

Th- P.E. (Wear tennis shoes)

F- Music and Library (Bring your books to return)

Reading Workshop

This week we will finish up our first unit in reading with partner work. We will learn how to read as a partner (elbow to elbow, knee to knee), how to read with a partner (choral, echo, turns), how to prepare to share our reading with our partner (take turns listening and sharing), where to sit with our partner (3 feet away from another partnership), and how to prepare to share with our partner (bringing books and sticky notes to share).

Homework Reminder:

Every morning I check the student is completely their reading log. If they don't have it complete, they spend recess completing their homework before they can play. Homework is not optional. Please remind your student to read and complete their homework each night. It is very important that your student reads every night for 20 minutes (see below).

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Word Study

Students did great on their spell check last week. We are going to move into Sort 8 - long and short i sounds. We will focus on the spelling pattern CVCe for the long i sound. Once we move through all the vowels, we will learn other vowel patterns like CVVC.

The students have been working hard to learn the different types of sorts - practice sort & write it, speed sort, and blind sort. The students should be taking their words and sight words home every night to practice. We will spend two weeks on this sort.

Sight Words:

little, work, know, place, years.

Practice your words using Spelling City:

On Blackboard, there are ideas for home activities for students to do with their spelling words as well as their sight words. It is important they spend time at home practicing them.

Writing Workshop

We will finish up the last week of Unit 1- Launching the Writing Workshop by discussing writing partnerships. Each student has been assigned a writing partner and this week we will learn how to share our writing with this partner. We will learn how reading and writing partners are similar to each other. We will also be focusing on specific grammar skills such as types of sentences, punctuation at the end of sentences and punctuation in dialogue.


We our continuing our first Unit in Math over Place Value to 100 and 1000. We are continuing to work on recognizing patterns through skip counting. Students should be able to skip count by 2's, 3's, 5's, and 10's starting with any number. We have also been working hard at learning our addition facts through a variety of games.

Social Studies & Science

This week students are continuing to work on their timeline. We should have them completed and displayed on the bulletin board by the end of the week. We will be moving into our first unit of Science discussing what a scientist is and how to use tools in science. We will do several experiments to work on learning the scientific process and acting like scientists.

Mrs. Riethman is also going to teach our class a lesson about growth mindset.

Pasta Drive

WOW!!!! We collected 41 boxes of pasta over the past 2 weeks! Thanks for all your help in making this so successful :) The students earned extra recess since they made it to 20 boxes.

Chaucie's Place - Smart Steps

CRES is partnering again this year with Chaucie’s Place, a child advocacy organization in Hamilton County, to bring Smart Steps: A Body Safety Program for Children to our Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade students. Smart Steps is a child sexual abuse prevention and education program that empowers your child to say “NO!” to any unwanted touches that make them uncomfortable from anyone.

We invite you to attend a Chaucie’s Place Parent Night to learn more about the Smart Steps program. Brooks School Elementary will be hosting on Tuesday, September 30th from 6:00-7:00 or you can attend at Cumberland Elementary on Wednesday, October 8th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. This meeting is open to all parents and/or guardians of Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade students. Please be advised that Parent Night is not open to children. To learn more about Chaucie’s Place visit:

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