Physical Therapy

Anna Koehn

Training and college classes...

You will need a Bachelor's degree in PT, a Master's degree in PT, and a required 6th month clinical internship.

Average Salary for about $79,860 per year

However in Sheboygan, Wisconsin the average wage is about $66,380 per year.

Do they need to Supervise others?

Yes they do need to supervise others so that the patients can get better.

Qualities you will need.

You need to be good with all types of people, make sure that the patient knows that everything is improving, and make sure they know what you’re doing to them to succeed in this career.

Work Enviorment

Physical Therapists mostly work indoors mostly in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, and public or private agencies.

Do they work with people or alone?

They work with people. For example, patients and coworkers.

Type of work they do all day...

Physical therapist mostly work on muscle pains almost anywhere in the body.