Samuel Adams

By: Myranda N-N, Jack S, Jose B, Jada J

Sam Adams: A History

Sam Adams was born November 27, 1722 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was a strong opponent of British Taxation. He helped organize the resistance to the Stamp Act (1765) and he played a vital role in organizing the Boston Tea Party. He graduated from Harvard College in 1740. Adams served as a legislator of Massachusetts from 1765 to 1774. He founded Boston's committe of corresponence, which happened to be a powerful tool for America's communication and coordination during the Revolutionary War. He served as a delegate to the continental congress until 1781. As a delegate he urged a finial break from Britain and signed America's Decleration of Independence along side his second cousin John Adams, the second U.S. President.

What is Integrity?

Integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principals; sourness of moral character. In May 1774, Adams was the moderator at the Boston Town Meeting, which was held in order to organize a boycott of British goods. Samuel was a strong believer in American Freedom and even signed the Declaration of Independence.

"The Soul or Spirt of Democracy is VIRTUE. No State can long preserve its Liberty where Virtue is not supremely honored" - Samuel Adams

"I am animated with the full Persuasion the righteous Heaven will support the Americans if they persevere in their manly Struggles from their Liberty" - Samuel Adams

What is citizenship?

Citizenship is defined as the status of a citizen with rights and duties. Samuel Adams was indeed a citizen for the American colonies, but from a British perspective Adams was not a model citizen. Samuel Adams was exposing truths, wrong doings, and deceit from the people of England such as pre-revolutionary events like Boston tea party.

With his oratory and writing skills to influence the masses, quickly made him into a leader through the eyes of the people of the American colonies. His influence became so great that the British labeled him as the most dangerous man in Massachusetts and was issued a warrant for his arrest.