WHAT: To know what your learning goals are and what you need to do to achieve them


· Everyone has goals they are working towards – kids and adults

· If you do not have learning goals, then you do not know what you are learning and why

· By having a learning goal, you are aiming to improve your learning

· Kids who set their own learning goals, tend to achieve more!


Welcome back to Term 2 for 2019. It has been a great first week back to the term - the weather has certainly helped! We have a very busy term, so please keep an eye on the newsletters and the school calendar.

Thanks for your support with learning conferences last term. We aim to get 100% and overall we had 84% attendance. The progress report discussed at the conferences would have come home this week, please have a look at the goals set for this term and next for your child.

This week we also sent home letters to some families in regards attendance and lateness. We have a goal that all students will attend school for at least 90% of a term. There are times when students have to be away for sickness or late for certain reasons, and we have taken this in to account.

We have noticed a number of kids arriving after 9am. We ring our first bell of the day at 8.55, this gives students 5 minutes to get to class and be prepared for the day. If your child is going to be late to school, please ring and let the office know. Research shows that the first 15 minutes of the school day are the most important for kids.

Next week we begin our inter-school sports competitions with other schools. This is an annual tradition. The kids involved (mostly seniors) should have brought home a permission letter this week to go on the bus and be a part of the exchanges. This permission form is also on the school app if you can not locate this piece of paper.

Over the next couple of weeks you will receive information about trips out of school to Puke Ariki (juniors and middles) and Pioneer Village (Juniors) and Life Education (whole school). There are costs associated with these trips and we have tried to discount these trips as much as we can. The Home and School committee has also contributed monies towards the trips - we appreciate this support. Unfortunately we will still be asking for families to contribute some amount money for these trips and Life Ed visits - we feel that they are worthwhile Educational trips for your kids.


As you may have noticed, the front of the senior school still has the wonderful orange netting up as we wait for a new 'overflow' classroom to arrive. We are not sure when this will happen, however we are hopeful that work begins this term ready for use in Term 3 - we will keep you posted as we learn of dates and development.

At the junior school next week there will be some work happening around the back behind Rm 1 in the old dental clinic. This room is being re-developed in to a 'High dependency unit' for some of our students. This area will be cordoned off so that no junior students can get in to this space. We hope this area will be finished by the end of the term.

Also at the junior school over the holidays we put some new bark in to the playgrounds as the bark was disappearing! These areas not only look better but are a lot safer for our kids as they use the playground equipment.


If you know of any families/enrolments that may be coming to Vogeltown, please get them to contact Lee Newland or Mr Ogle.

If your child is turning 5 soon and you are planning on bringing them to Vogeltown, then please can you get an enrolment pack from the office and get the form in.

As part of planning for class sizes and maintaining good student to teacher class ratios, we need to know what enrolments we have coming to VS.

A reminder that our school is governed by an enrolment scheme. Families and students who live within the school zone are automatically accepted. Out of zone families and students need to apply for an 'Out of Zone application' to come to VS. More info about the enrolment scheme can be found here: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/zoning-2016/out-of-zone-enrollment-form/



Today we welcomed our new students to Vogeltown for Term 2. We have a tradition of welcoming them formally as a family in assembly and wearing our special Korowai. A huge welcome to the Vogeltown whanau to our kids and new families!

James Aitkin (R 10), Liam Christensen, Shaykhan Tito, Liam Wildbore, Benji D'Ath, Chace Tiplady, Lacey Pitcairn, Cayden Baker, Maddi Baker and Miss Cragg who is working with Cayden in Rm 3.

See photos below:


On Monday of this week your child/children should have arrived home with a sheet of Maths problems to learn and a sponsorship sheet on the reverse. These are designed to assist them with quick recall during maths time and build a solid base for working with number problems in more complex ways.

This is a major fundraising event and we ask that you assist us. Students are asked, with your permission, to ask others out of your immediate family to sponsor them per word or gift a monetary donation to the school. Each child will be tested in week 4 of the term. They will need this sheet to be with them at school, then the score sheet will be returned so that money can be collected,. There are spot prizes in three categories, plus the child who raises the most money is also recognised! Yahoo!!

Please add learning these maths problems each night in your child’s homework… just a few each night will soon build up great knowledge. Thanks whanau


This year is election year for all schools to nominate and appoint new Board of Trustees members. We have some of our current BOT leaving us after this term and will not be seeking re-election. This leaves the way for any new members of our community who would like to be part of our Board Of Trustees to think about putting themselves up for election.

If you have never thought about being on the BOT, then now might be the time! It is a great position and an important one to help with the direction and governance decisions of the school.

The important dates for this year are:

10th May Call for BoT nominations

24th May Nominations close

29th May Voting papers are sent out to families on the roll

7th June Election Day

13th June Votes counted

14th June New VS BoT takes office.


We have some wonderful writing from the kids Rm 11. Check out the vocab from these pieces:


By Sienna Frost

Once upon a time there was a short neck giraffe who always wanted food but could never reach the big tall trees.

He thought he would see the giraffe doctor. He said that he had to take this medicine called Stretch -o -medicine. So he took the medicine 2 times a day. But his neck didn’t get bigger. So he went back to the giraffe doctor and said his medicine didn’t work.

He left and he went to a tree to try to get the leaves but he couldn’t reach. The next day he went to the necktist and the necktist said that he could only do operations on long necks.

The little giraffe went off to the tree and said to the monkey “I have a short neck. I really, really, really want a long neck. Is there anything you could do to help me?” The monkey replied with a grin, “You will have to go to the Sky Castle and ask the enchanted snake very nicely, Can I have a long neck potion”.

The short neck giraffe asked the enchanted snake very nicely “Can I please have a long neck potion”. He got one and he drank it and the next year he had a neck as long as a tree.

How the Giraffe got a long neck

By Azharia

Once upon a time there was a giraffe called Kevin. He had a very short neck.

Once Kevin and his Mum were going to the open plains full of food. They lived in the desert where there isn’t any food. All the other young giraffes were eating too. Kevin wanted to eat with the long necked giraffes. He went to ask. All the big giraffes laughed meanly. Little Kevin ran back to his mother.

They ate together but Kevin couldn’t reach the leaves so he ate grass even though he didn’t like it. Then he walked to an oasis for a drink. His Mum said “It will make your neck long like mine Kevin”. Soon the sun went down and everyone was asleep.

When Kevin woke up he had a spectacularly long neck. “Wow” exclaimed Kevin, while he woke his Mother. Then they went to the open plains. He tried the leaf “Delicious, delicious, delicious” Kevin shouted happily and that’s how giraffes got long necks.


Our home and school every year loses members as children move on to other schools and every year we try and scoop up new families to come along and share this experience. This year we have our AGM on Monday 27th May at 7pm and will be in need of a new Chairperson and a Secretary. If you have skills in any of these areas and would like to know more email me at katyquest@yahoo.com and I can chat with you. You may just be able to come along to the odd meeting and put your hand up to help at various events like the Fun Fiesta. We also have an email database we can add you to so you can stay in touch and find out what we are up to. Let us know if that's you on vshomeandschool@gmail.com or contact us on our facebook page :Log in to Facebook | Facebook

If you are keen to come to the AGM, lock in the date - Monday 27th May at 7pm in the senior staffroom. Thanks whanau.



Vogeltown School offers a different structure for school donations. We have different options that you can choose from (guideline below). We have set it up this way so you can pay what you can best afford. Our thinking is, any money towards the school donation is greatly appreciated.

$60 per single child and $80 per family group

$80 per single child and $100 per family group

$130 per single child and $180 per family group

Please note that payments for donations may be made online:

Bank Account: 15-3955-0493446-00 (TSB Vogeltown)

Please reference: (Surname) Donation.


Well done to these students who received a Principal award at assembly today:

Karwyn Crean, Tangaroa Roberts, Charlotte Bailey, Cohen Horo, Tawhe Patene, Amyra Pearson, Reid Hall, Ella Uncles, Ashleigh Lowry, Briana Mateara, Jackson Cowley, Manav Kumar, Katelyn wang, Dylan Venables, Sophia Deller, Cordell Mackay, Madeline O'Connor, Tayjs Russell, Alex Finderup, Leeanya Lepper, Khobie Kane, Kayden Harrison-Ranford, Countach Neill, Chloe Petersen, Maddie Salisbury-McInnes, Hunter Magon, Jack Cassell, Kelly Andrews.

SPECIAL AWARD: Jarex Bloeman - 'Caring for the people!'

Tu Meke Whanau!


You may be aware of the nationwide crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers and you may remember the Paid Union meetings from this term got cancelled because of the crisis in Christchurch. As a result NZEI Te Riu Roa members at our school have been invited to paid union meetings next week on Tuesday 7 May and Wednesday 8 May at 1.30 pm. We will be splitting classes on these days to ensure all our teachers can attend over the two meetings - this will hopefully be less of a distraction than all our teachers attending the one meeting. We will send a reminder out on facebook and the school app about this event. Hopefully we will see some positive changes after these meetings.


Term 2 Winter Sports

Winter sports are now underway with all Netball teams having their first games this week and Hockey starting this Saturday. Please remember that it is important to demonstrate positive sportmanship on and off the field at all times. This also applies to caregivers supporting on the sidelines. Please encourage your children to make good choices and be fantastic Vogeltowners.

Miniball Yr1-4/Basketball Y5-6: Draws are now out...please check your emails for a copy of the draw for the season. Your season starts the week beginning 13 May.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the above information on 753 6843 or email me at michelle.sleep@vogeltown.school.nz


TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/

TERM 2 - April

7 May - BOT meeting 6pm

7 May - Interschool sport vs Bell Block (at Bell Block)

10 May - Board of Trustees call for nominations

14 May - Rippa Rugby tournament

14 May - Middle syndicate to Puke Ariki (Rms 7 and 11)

15 May - Middle Syndicate to Puke Ariki (Rms 9 and 13)

17 May - Pink Shirt Day (or pink anything day)

17 May - Four Year Old Friday (9 - 11)

20 May - Class Reps to P.Nth, Young Leaders day.

23 May - Dads and Daughters breakfast - 6am

24 May - BOT nominations close

29 May - Mathathon closes, money due in


3 June - Queen's Birthday

7 June - BOT election day

7 June - Four Year Old Friday

12 June - 19 June - Life education bus at Vogeltown

13 June - Puanga and school Hangi (Yr 5 and 6 sleep over)

14 June - Vogeltown Community Hangi

26 June - Starting School the VS way (5-6pm)

28 June - Four Year Old Friday (9-11am)


1 July - Vogeltown Birthday!

1 July - Mid-winter swim 2pm

5 July - Vogeltowner Assembly 2pm

5 July - Last day of Term 2 2019.


1) Please make sure your child(ren) cross the road at the school crossing - even when the road patrollers might not be there. We have had a few parents on one side of the road telling their kids on the opposite side to cross where there is no crossing, please be a good role model for our kids.

2) Families and whanau are more than welcome to any of our assemblies. We have a school every second Friday at 11.30am. If you want to come and share in the excitement and celebration of our assemblies, then bowl on in!

Big picture

Thanks whanau

Have a great weekend whanau! If you are beginning winter sports, then play hard and show them how Vogeltowners play!

Remember if you have any issues you wish to discuss, please come in and see me or contact me on principal@vogeltown.school.nz

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal