Our Honolulu Vacation

So much fun

Day 1 We are here

We depart on May 1, 2013 and we leave Brenham at 8:00 am. Breakfast is free and lunch is free because we eat breakfast at home and eat lunch on the plane. Its is $10.50 for gas to get Austin. The flight is 1,700 $ and it is a round trip. After we depart at 10:00 we will spend the night At a double tree by Hilton of Wakiki for 179$ per night.

Day 2 We Rent a Car

First thing we do is rent a truck for 385$ then we eat breakfast at Dukes Wakiki a great breakfast place. Then we go wind surfing for 69$ per person. Then we eat at the Cheese Burger Factory which is part of our hotel. Then at 2 we go to the pool for a couple of hours. Then we eat dinner at Tony Romos before we go to the beach to watch the sun set

Day 3 The Protea Cafe

First when we wake up we eat at the Protea Cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And during that day we play golf At 10 in the morning. And then we go eat. Then we go to the pool to cool down from eating to much we are their most valued customers. We got very fat so we had to burn some calories and then, after that we went to the beach to get a tan.

Day 4 relaxing day

This day all we do is go to the beach and the pool.We eat breakfast at Vits Hawaiian steak house. And then were going to go find some cuties in our new truck at the beach. Then we go back to our hotel to eat and watch Spongebob.

Day 5 Jet skiing

Were going to eat at our hotel for FREE. Then were going to pool to soak up and get cooled off. Then before we walk inside Tony Romo's we do Gangnam style. Then after we get through having fun and getting fat we have more FUN with Jet Skiing with a high price of 200$ per person. And then we chill and eat Hot pockets and watch iCarly.

Day 6 Volcano Tour

First thing we do is eat breakfast at our AWESOME Hotel for FREE you know thats how we role. Then after that we get ready for a Volcano Tour. Then when we get there we jump in the helicopter to look at some magma ,lava what ever you want to call it. Then we have lunch which is with the tour after that we jump back in and look at more lava. Then we go and pack up our stuff for our departure tomorrow. Reid: I don't want to go :(

Day 7 Leaving Noooo!

We return home at 6:00 am. Then we go eat at Mcdonalds. And on the way back home from Mcdonalds why not go to the movies to watch 42.

5 years later look at our house it is HUGE


PS. did you see our house it is HUGE